Nina Dobrev about one stretch she loves to do after rigorous training

For Nina Dobrev, diversity is the key to a good exercise routine. “To be honest, I get bored easily,” the 32-year-old actor tells SELF. As a result, Dobreff switches things frequently. running, Cycling, circuit workouts, stretch, And others — as a way to stay motivated and feel excited about exercise.

Most of its diversity comes from Dobreff’s Home gym, She built up during a pandemic. Her current setup is from weights, Resistance band,and mirror,NS Indoor bicycle, Treadmill, rowing machine.Recently partnered Dobreff agree withFinancial companies that lend to products such as exercise equipment can take advantage of a variety of fitness tools to keep things fresh enough. Want To make her heart beat and muscles work.

Because all these exercise modality challenges Dobreff’s muscles in different ways, recoveryIt becomes even more important, especially in the form of stretches. She attaches great importance to ensuring about a quarter of total exercise time for stretching after a workout. She usually aims for about an hour of exercise four to five times a week, spending 45 minutes training and 15 minutes subsequent stretching.

But Dobreff isn’t too strict about her schedule. “Life gets in the way,” she says.

Example: I love hard The star spoke to SELF, who worked 12-14 hours a day for a movie project in Atlanta, minimizing time exercising. So instead of doing different types of training, she temporarily shifted her focus to running and stretching.That meant performing the training built around Treadmill interval, Normally, 20 seconds of speed work and 10 seconds of break are repeated alternately, for a total of about 20 rounds.

And as anyone who has done a lot of sprint intervals before knows, your hips felt afterwards. That’s why Dobreff always incorporates hip opening stretches after running and, in fact, after training.

“My hips are really tight,” says Dobreff. Dobreff usually warms up by stretching for about 3 minutes before a workout “just to awaken everything” in addition to training after 15 minutes.

Her favorite hip opening exercise? The dove pose she does after all types of training. “It’s just the most effective [stretch] For me to really open my hips, “she says. “Great for maintenance and keeping everything loose.”

Indeed, stretching the hips (like a dove pose) is a good way to relieve discomfort, reduce tension and increase hip mobility. Previously reported SELF.. And they are especially important for runners like Dobreff.

After execution stretch It’s an easy way to accelerate recovery, relieve muscle tension, and increase mobility. Board certified sports physiotherapist, Brian Schwabe, PT, DPT, C.SC.S. , I talked to SELF before.. Schwabe added that the hips are an important area for runners to stretch (along with the thoracic spine and ankles), where pigeon stretching takes place.

Nina Dobrev about one stretch she loves to do after rigorous training

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