Nibs receive comprehensive workplace certification

Nib New Zealand recently received two workplace comprehensive citations. The Rainbow Tick certification, which recognizes the company’s commitment to LGBTT QIA + employees and allies, and the Accessibility Tick, which reflects the steps taken to overcome accessibility barriers for employees, customers and visitors.

In order to be certified by Rainbow Tick, the workplace is evaluated on five criteria. Policies, employee training, employee involvement and support, external involvement and monitoring.

Rob Hennin, CEO of nib New Zealand, said the company has been continuously improving its internal policies and procedures to meet Rainbow Tick standards over the past two years.

“Rainbow Tick certification is not an easy task. We make meaningful and continuous changes to workplace policies and practices to amplify the voice and experience of LGBTTQIA + employees. I heard the story, “he said.

“Nib is a big-hearted organization, which is reflected in the work we are doing to allow people in the LGBTTQIA + community to bring themselves to work,” said José Taiapa’s Rainbow Tick Program Manager. Says. It’s very important to understand that there are still many people who are reluctant to express sexual orientation or gender identity in the workplace. “

According to Phil Turner, Managing Director of Accessibility Tick, an organization’s accessibility journey is a long-term endeavor and certification is a great first step for nib.

“The nib should be proud of the commitments and action plans it has created for the inclusion and accessibility of people with disabilities. The nib is an organization that embodies diversity and inclusion, with their people and the disabled New Zealanders. We show that we are devoted to 24% of the total, “says Turner.

“The work we do in the areas of diversity and inclusion is not a scale of box practices. It’s a cultural change that is incorporated into everyday practices and conversations and filtered top-down,” said Hennin. I am. “Although we still have a way to go, we sincerely believe that the journey to receive both Rainbow Tick and Accessibility Tick has helped lay the foundation for better acceptance, understanding and support of people and their diverse backgrounds throughout the nib group. . ”

Nibs receive comprehensive workplace certification

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