NHS workers and people waiting for mental health services receive free access to digital mental health support

  • Winter has always been the busiest time for the NHS, but NHS medical professionals report the highest level of burnout ever seen thanks to the COVID.

  • NHS and social care account for about 8.6% of UK employment

  • In September 2021, someone was referred to the UK’s NHS Mental Health Support approximately every 7 seconds.

  • 1.5 million people are currently waiting for NHS support for their mental health status

  • Holly Health provides free access to award-winning health apps only to NHS staff members and those on the waiting list for mental health services.

Today, Holly Health has launched a new £ 100,000 initiative to help NHS workers and those on the waiting list for mental health services.

ORCHA-approved digital support tools are designed to provide mental health support, prevent burnout, and help regain control after episodes of fatigue, from which NHS staff are mentally motivated. If you’re on the waiting list for health, you can download it for free here. Support that can use a total of 2000 free spaces.

Mental health waiting list is always high

As a direct impact of the pandemic, it is estimated that 8.5 million adults need mental health support. The waiting list for mental health services is also a record high, with 1.5 million people awaiting support for eating disorders, addiction, severe anxiety and depression. In September 2021, it was reported that NHS Mental Health Support was introduced every 7 seconds on average in the UK. Holly Health can provide immediate assistance whether someone is waiting for access to the NHS service or complementing existing care.

Grace Gimson, Qualified Health Coach and CEO of Holly Health, said: Over the last few years, access to mental health services has been severely impacted, COVID exacerbates this problem, and people are waiting months or years for treatment.

“Evidence shows that people’s health often declines while waiting for access to treatment … where Holly Health comes in. We are personalized while people are waiting. We aim to fill the gap in the “wait list” by providing mental health support through the Health Coach app for further treatment. This winter is challenging and people need more mental health support than ever before! “

NHS staff are exhausted

NHS providers have revealed that 92% of hospital confidence is concerned about staff well-being, stress, and burnout after a pandemic. Workforce Burnout and Resilience in the NHS and Social Care He provided evidence of a “worried” amount pointing to “depletion of a large group of NHS staff.” Staff shortages are the number one cause of workforce burnout, but Holly Health argues that a greater separation between work and family life can improve mental health and overall health.

Grace adds:

“We also help people working in national health services recognize that they have a hard time caring for the people around them in the long run without prioritizing their health. It’s never been easy to prioritize your health when faced with such a lot of pressure, but at Holly Health we are working hard to keep us healthy. We want to be part of the solution for everyone and 365 days a year, with or without a pandemic. “

For NHS staff, the path and time frame for receiving mental health support is the same as for the general public. While some workplaces can provide additional support to NHS staff in the form of counseling and occupational therapy in the wake of a pandemic, the impact of COVID on the workload means that NHS staff do not have time to accept them. service. To address this and ensure that these key key workers continue to have access to support, Holly Health’s Digital Health Coaches are personalized coaching tailored to people’s lives, whether busy or overworked. , Nudge, and motivation.

Burnout and work-related stress

Holly Health is a digital coach that combines compassion and science to help users find a burnout-free life rhythm and sustainably improve their physical, mental and emotional health. The app has already helped more than 10,000 people regain control of their lives. The company and its founders, Grace Gimson and Claire Wu, believe that nutrition, activity, sleep and stress all affect a person’s overall health.The app and its friendly coach, The Holly Bird, help users create small incremental behaviors to improve long-term well-being.

Work-related stress has many consequences. According to the King’s Fund, NHS staff can experience 50% higher levels of work-related stress than the average workforce. Poor staff health and well-being are associated with high turnover and severance intentions, as well as high mortality rates for patients in the acute phase.Burnout syndrome

Catalina Pearce, a mental health expert and founder of Cognitive Mind Coaching, said: We worked with our colleagues to support people who had been waiting for a long time to get mental health support. Increasing mental health problems associated with COVID, coupled with the absence of staff created by COVID, makes it increasingly difficult to maintain levitation, and burnout is becoming more common among healthcare professionals. ..

If you do not take care of yourself and prioritize your mental health, the quality of care will eventually be affected. Services like Holly Health encourage healthcare professionals to focus on their health and provide valuable guidance while patients wait for face-to-face care. Since starting my own health business, I am grateful that Holly Health is a tool for myself and supports my clients’ goals. “

NHS workers and people waiting for mental health services receive free access to digital mental health support

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