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New Zealand Covid: Ardan announces post-blockade “traffic light” system, linking 90% vaccination rate | New Zealand

Over 18 months since the pandemic new Zealand Has announced a future roadmap after the blockade. And the deregulation depends on the country hitting some of the world’s most ambitious immunization rates.

On Friday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said 90% of eligible New Zealanders were fully across each District Health Commission (DHB) region before the country as a whole moved to a new “traffic light rating” system with much looser public health regulations. Announced that he needs to be vaccinated.

“We can’t ask vaccinated people to stay home forever, so now we need a new playbook to reflect the population protected from Covid,” Ardan said. .. She said the new system would provide “a future in which we not only continue to protect people’s lives, but also want to live our lives.”

When the 90% target is achieved, the country will switch to a traffic light system. Even with the highest level of restrictions designed to protect the healthcare system from high infections, the “red” setting, businesses remain open and vaccinated people are relatively free to use the service. .. However, those who do not have a vaccination certificate are limited to takeaway food, small gatherings of up to 10 people, distance learning at the university, and “close” businesses such as gyms, hairdressers, and bars. It will not be available.

“Fully vaccinated people will be able to reunite with family and friends, go to bars and restaurants and do what they like more reliably and confidently. This framework also We’ll make sure companies can plan and grow, ”says Ardan.

“If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, not only will you be at increased risk of getting Covid-19, but much of the freedom that others will enjoy will be out of reach. Everyone wants it to happen. No, but the threat of the virus needs to be minimized. The virus is now predominantly spread to unvaccinated people. “

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern visits the Hastings Immunization Center. When 90% of the population is vaccinated, the “traffic light” system is activated. Photo: Kelly Marshall / Getty Images

New Zealand is still a bit far from reaching 90% double dose. As of Thursday, 66% of the eligible population (aged 12+) had been fully vaccinated with both doses. Eighty-three percent of the eligible population receive at least one dose. Even with high vaccination rates, New Zealand can experience significant levels of mortality and illness from Covid-19, a reality previously unconsidered.

Modeling released last month by government and research center Te Pūnaha Matatini predicts that 80% of people over the age of 5 are double jabs, which can lead to less than 60,000 hospitalizations and less than 7,000 deaths in a year. Even if 90% of the population over the age of 5 is fully vaccinated, without other health measures, the death toll can be about 600 per year. Neither model is exactly similar to the new plan. The government’s goal is to target people over the age of 12, not over the age of 5, and under the traffic light system, it can be combined with other public health measures.

Early drafts of this framework are strongly opposed by many Maori groups concerned that low vaccination rates blame indigenous peoples for high rates of illness and mortality.

“If the government is ready to open the border as soon as our country is 90% vaccinated, they are willing to hold up Maori as sacrificial lambs. This is a mass in modern form. It’s a slaughter, “Maori leader Debbie Ngaleva Packer said earlier this month.

Maori and Pacific communities are lagging behind in vaccination rates. This is because its population is younger and more distorted than its larger population.Modeling by Tepna Hamatatini After managing age and pre-existing status, Maori were found to be 2.5 times more likely to be hospitalized with Covid-19 than non-Maori. People in the Pacific were three times more likely to be hospitalized in Covid. Moreover, Maori are more likely to have existing symptoms such as diabetes and asthma, and are at increased risk if infected with Covid-19.

NS National Iwi Chair Forum “It’s absolutely clear to reject the traffic light framework,” he blamed the strategy last week.

“Maori and Pacific immunization rates need to rise to the same level as other New Zealanders, otherwise infection and mortality will disproportionately affect vulnerable communities,” said the Pandemic Response Group. Said Lisatsu Mahai, the chairman of the.

The family will reunite with a picnic in Western Springs on October 6, 2021 in Auckland, New Zealand.
In Auckland, Level 3 restrictions have recently been relaxed to allow vaccinated people to have picnics. Photo: Phil Walter / Getty Images

Mr Ardan said the government believes major cities like Auckland can achieve these rates before Christmas. “Even now [vaccination] Fees, Oakland will definitely move before Christmas. What we want is for them to move as fast as possible, “she said. Oakland, which had been blocked for several months, will be able to move to traffic light systems as soon as DHB reaches 90%, Ardan said. The city is 16,000 doses away from reaching an initial dose of 90%.

Ardan’s announcement also marked the final formal farewell to the country’s long-standing Covid elimination strategy.The country It’s been shifting for weeks, Some government officials continue to say that New Zealand is trying to get rid of the virus.

“Delta has made it very difficult to maintain our exclusion strategy,” Ardan said. “The tentacles reached our community and were less likely to shake even with the best public health measures among the strictest limits available to us. But our long-standing strategy was challenged. At times we also had new tools, that is, because Covid changed, we could change too, and to move forward safely and confidently, rather than being trapped. That’s done. That tool is a vaccine. “

New Zealand Covid: Ardan announces post-blockade “traffic light” system, linking 90% vaccination rate | New Zealand

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