More than one-third of UK business exports curtailed by BREXIT

AccuraCast, London’s leading digital marketing agency, today announced that while cross-border commerce around the world is expected to grow by 280% over the next five years, Brexit is preventing British companies from doing so. Did.

According to a survey commissioned by AccuraCast’s Global Growth Lab, founded in September to support cross-border business prosperity, the majority of people surveyed (33%) have too complex Brexit to grow globally. I felt that. In Scotland, this is a bigger problem, with almost half of respondents citing Brexit as a hindrance to global growth. This is a feeling shared by 43% of Northern Ireland respondents.

The survey also hampered the belief that experts are feeling a lack of guidance and that international marketing is too expensive, and one-quarter of the surveyed people cite these as challenges for foreign transactions. understood.

According to a survey conducted by the company 12 months ago, 55% of companies canceled or postponed plans for exports to overseas markets or international trade, but 51% had a greater view of the importance of international trade. I am saying. Shows clear intentions and ambitions.

Farhad Divecha, Founder of MD and AccuraCast “The last two years have clearly been very difficult for UK companies. At first Covid hindered business expansion and now Brexit. But with 17 years of global business experience, that’s not impossible. I know. “

He goes on to say: “We support major brands such as LG, UFC, Disney, Penguin Books, PwC, etc., so we are growing rapidly in every market. Also, companies seeking strong guidance and selling abroad We can also help companies that are perceived to be too expensive. After a terrible two years, we help British companies overcome growth obstacles and truly reach their full potential. That is our mission. “

Farhad has brought to the Global Growth Lab more than 20 years of global business know-how working on giant campaigns such as Center Parcs, Emirates and UEFA. His experience of speaking five different languages, with a degree from VES Institute of Technology in India and an MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is truly international.

AccuraCast established the Global Growth Lab in September 2021 to help companies recognize and support feasible business goals to consider expanding globally, regardless of size. bottom.

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More than one-third of UK business exports curtailed by BREXIT

Source link More than one-third of UK business exports curtailed by BREXIT

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