Mischa Barton “feels pressured” to lose her virginity after starring OC

OC star Mischa Barton said she was “feeling pressured” to lose her virginity after she found fame (Photo: Getty).

Mischa Barton was open about being sexually treated as a young actress and how her role influenced her view of virginity.

The OC actress, famous for playing Marissa Cooper, spoke frankly in her first candid essay. Harper’s Bazaar UK As she remembered some The fall of the rise to her fame..

The 35-year-old started as follows: ‘My movie debut,’Lawn Dogs’, explored the theme of child sexual abuse. Pushing the movie, it became clear that it was a very mature content.

“Two years later, I did a’puppy’with Burt Reynolds. The protagonist of the coming-of-age story has always been directly related to sex and sexuality, which was a classic example.

“It was because of the’puppy’that I made my first kiss on screen and in real life in front of all the crew,” she recalled. “My character has its first menarche in a scene. This is something I haven’t experienced in my life yet. The movie exploded in Asia and I became a strange sex symbol over there. . I was 13 years old. “

Missha then opened up about the pressure she felt to have sex for the first time after gaining fame at OC.

The actress played Marissa Cooper in the hit series The OC (Photo: Channel 4).

She explained: “Even if I was a virgin at the time in that context, I felt like a scam. Here I was playing a confident character. [in The O.C.] Fast and loose, I was still a virgin.

“The kids at the show were typical rich and privileged American teenagers, drinking, taking medicine, and of course having sex. I stayed out of the way in the room. I knew that it was important to get my virginity, which was approaching me as the elephant inside. “

The star claimed she had been sexualized early in her career before she became known for her work as Marissa Cooper (Photo: Reuters).

Hills: A new beginning star Continued:’I really started to worry that I wouldn’t be able to play this character without hurrying and getting a little mature.

“Have you ever felt the pressure to have sex with someone? Well, after being chased by an older man in his thirties, I finally did that.

Missha’s essay is that she has her “complex” exit from the show Behind the scenes bullied..

OC was run over four seasons from 2003 to 2007.

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Mischa Barton "feels pressured" to lose her virginity after starring OC

Source link Mischa Barton "feels pressured" to lose her virginity after starring OC

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