Minnesota politicians help raise funds for alleged Capitol attackers | US Capitol Attack

Minnesota politicians have promoted fundraising for some of the members responsible for their deadly participation January 6th attack At the US Capitol, saying they come from a “good family.”

Republican senator Mark Koran, who represents the town of Lindstrom, made this appeal for the Westbury family in a Facebook post on Friday.

Four members of the Westbury family have been accused of participating in the riots, accounting for half of all Minnesotans charged with alleged involvement.

“There is a local family in the Lindstrom here and you can get help. They attended the rally on January 6th and were accused and charged with various crimes, some of which were very serious. Some seem to be just to punish dissenting opinions, “says Koran. “All I want is that they need help to provide a fair defense from the overkill Department of Justice. They are a good family!”

Is the Quran calling for a parliamentary storm, is it trying to stop the legislators proving Joe Biden’s victory over Trump when thousands of people invade, or is it just a “rally” or he It is not clear that they are confusing the riots with previously held rallies near the White House. Trump urged his supporters to march in the Capitol and try to overturn the election results.

More than 50 police officers were injured as they tried to stop the riots, and some were beaten and seriously injured.Five people Died during Storm including police officers.About 500 people I was charged In connection with the event.Donald Trump Impeached He was acquitted by the Senate, but was charged with instigating a second riot historically.

Federal prosecutors in Washington, DC have charged Robert Westbury, Isaac Westbury, and Aaron James. Claim a crime Assaulting police officers in the Parliament building and interfering with government activities.

Another relative, Jona Westbury, accused them. Charged According to Minneapolis, due to his alleged participation in the riots Star Tribune.

The online fundraiser was launched by Rose Westbury, who claims to be Robert Westbury’s wife and mother of three other men.

The fundraiser is called “Attorney’s Fees 4 Family Tyranny 4 Fight You” and is posted on GiveSendGo, which claims to be a Christian fundraiser. Star Tribune seems to have first reported on the Quran’s support for this fundraiser.

“First Amendment, Second Amendment, the right to privacy has been stripped of our peace law to protect our families. On January 6, for one purpose, and for one purpose. One million people attended just for the sake of it, “she wrote.

“My family is the target of this illegal tyranny … Understand that we are pioneers … what is happening to us I’m at a theater near you, “she wrote later. There are lawyers who are willing to stand up for us, but this is not a cheap endeavor. “

She wants to raise $ 50,000. By Saturday morning, the fundraiser received over $ 1,000.

The Guardian contacted the Senator and the funding site.

“I don’t know what the Guardian is doing. I don’t know if you’re good or bad, so I don’t know what to say,” Rosemary Westbury, who called on Saturday morning, postponed. Comment on a lawyer who did not immediately respond to your request for comment.

Minnesota politicians help raise funds for alleged Capitol attackers | US Capitol Attack

Source link Minnesota politicians help raise funds for alleged Capitol attackers | US Capitol Attack

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