Megan Thee Stallion on Negative Reaction to Call to Protect Black Women

Megan Thee Stallion vows to continue using her voice to seek protection for black women (Photo: Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP / File)

Megan Thee Stallion says her call for protection of black women should not have “triggered” “so many men.”

The body rapper became frank about why she campaigned for better treatment of black women in the United States after being shot with both feet earlier this year.

In a discussion of her powerful New York Times editorial, she said at the Apple Music 1 Nadesca Show: “If I’m experiencing something, I should be able to talk about my feelings without offending someone else.

“I shouldn’t have triggered so many men, as I said to protect black women, or it shouldn’t … it shouldn’t have triggered anyone.” Yeah, you should. You’re right. You need to protect our black women. “

Savage’s hit maker added: “Similarly, I didn’t say to start a fight or cause a conflict. Especially like a black woman, I said what I said.

Despite some negative reactions, the 25-year-old claimed she was “very proud” of her grandmother’s close friends being very loud.

Singer and rapper Tory Lanez

She accused singer Tory Lanez of shooting her with both feet in an incident earlier this year (Photo: Larry Marano / REX).

“All the women around me were very proud,” she explained. “It felt like something I had to do.”

The WAP hit maker went on:’When you experience something, it can help you talk better about it. And this year was a year for me that I felt less protected.

“So what do you know? I’m not the only woman in a color that feels like this.”

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion

Savage hit makers argued that men shouldn’t be so triggered by calls to protect black women (Photo: Erik Voake / Getty Images for Roc Nation).

Megan explained how he wanted to use his platform to cheer up others: Like, you don’t stumble, you’re not angry, like.

“Girls, we all need to heal. When women get together, we become so powerful … it scares people, so we all have a voice to speak for all of us. I need someone who is. It shakes them. “

In October, singer Tory Lanez was charged with assaulting Megan on charges of a shooting in Hollywood Hills in July, and the star was acquitted of shooting Megan with both feet.

After being shot, Megan needed surgery to remove the bullet from her leg.

Tory was charged with a felony of assault by a semi-automatic firearm, a felony carrying an unregistered gun loaded in a vehicle, and a personal use of the gun.

A Canadian rapper claimed that he was “framed” in the case for alleged shootings on his new album, Daystar.

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Megan Thee Stallion on Negative Reaction to Call to Protect Black Women

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