Medtech Business announces new smartphone app with NHS to help test coronavirus

Yorkshire-based, award-winning medical technology company, TestCard has created a groundbreaking new app in collaboration with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and SureScreen. This enables safe and reliable COVID-19 antigen testing for patients, visitors and staff.

TestCard‘NS The COVID-19 product ClearScreen allows hospitals to store NHS electronic patient records that also comply with the reporting requirements of the UK Public Health Service.

The introduction of this application will improve patient and visitor flow and safety and help support this NHS trust throughout the winter months.

Smartphone app – TestCard‘NS ClearScreen-Turns your phone into a clinical grade scanner to capture and analyze the now familiar Lateral Flow Chromography (LFD) without the need for individual interpretation or manual result recording.

The app will simply give positive, negative, or invalid results after verifying that all steps have been performed correctly using a valid and up-to-date cassette...

You can also keep NHS electronic patient records in hospitals that comply with the reporting requirements of the UK Public Health Service. result It is safer and safer because it is held firmly for traceability.

Guy’s and St Thomas’is preparing to pilot an inpatient solution to already hospitalized patients and plans to extend it to outpatient appointments and day trips.

The app is also used by hospital visitors to Guy’s and St Thomas’ to allow for a safe escalation of attendance, which is severely limited by the pandemic.

Dr. Rahul Batra, Lead of Clinical Innovations and Disruptive Technologies, Center for Clinical Infection and Diagnostics Research at Guy’s and St Thomas, said: ..

However, in the clinical setting, it has been hampered by the ability to manage, interpret, and report patient records in an automated and standardized way.

Work closely with TestCard and SureScreen to create sensitive, specific LFDs, as well as trained users to manage tests, return standard interpretations, and provide automated, reviewable results for patients. record.

With the introduction of this application, patient / visitor flow and safety, as the LFD test is currently a core component of patient pathways requiring hospitalization, critical procedures, or interventions involving the airways at Guy’s and St Thomas’. I think it will improve the sex. Therefore, we can provide a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services to our community. “

Current UK public health protocols require hospital visitors to undergo a lateral flow test and simply communicate the results to staff. In the new app Visitor You will be invited by email to download the app to your mobile device and authenticate yourself with a unique QR token.

Users will be trained on how to self-manage their tests within the app. Then, before the visit, either undergo a hospital-provided examination at home (which helps save time for hospital staff who are currently managing the visitor’s lateral flow examination) or at the hospital site. You can do it.

The results are recorded on the hospital portal for reporting and compliance purposes.

Andrew Botham, Chief Scientific Officer and Founder of TestCard, said: We hope that the work done at Guy’s and St Thomas’ will support the hospital after winter.

Visitors can perform tests with the comfort and convenience of their home, while ensuring that the results generated are reliable and reduce stress on the visitor and hospital staff. For inpatients, the solution tests and records results with levels of accuracy and traceability that hospitals do not currently have. “

David Campbell, director of SureScreen, said: We are pleased to use testing on this platform to enable integration into digital platforms and reduce management of report results during regular testing. “

Medtech Business announces new smartphone app with NHS to help test coronavirus

Source link Medtech Business announces new smartphone app with NHS to help test coronavirus

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