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NSMatildas last played in Brazil at the 2019 World Cup. It was a miracle of Montpellier.It was Samantha Kerr “We’re back, so smoke it.” Match. The one who won 3-2 after scoring 2 goals to leave the turmoil of the last 6 months to the past.

More than two years later, Australia, about 17,000 km from France, will face Brazil again with the aim of issuing a statement again and in the midst of serious turmoil. The first 20th home-friendly meeting with South Americans will take place on Saturday night at the Combank Stadium in Parramatta in front of a 75% spectator.

However, these 22,500 spectators are only a small part of the eyes trained by the women’s national team who arrived in Sydney this week with the weight of controversy following allegations of cultural issues within the setup at the give or take. ..

Intense polls since then Lisa de Vanna’s claim earlier this month Her sexual harassment and bullying during her international career swallowed Matildas’ current crop, wedged her through her relationship with Devanna and her former striker teammates, and all parties uncomfortable enough for the player. The union and police intervene, which has prompted online abuse directed at.

Reputation remains dirty and independent wants to wash it away, just as players are trying to keep their minds focused on their first match since the Tokyo Olympics and their first home-based match in almost two years. Investigation is imminent.

Football Australia CEO James Johnson, who reportedly met the team on Wednesday, admitted that the situation was distracting.

“Of course it was a sacrifice,” he said. “But you’re talking about a great group of professionals playing in some of the world’s largest clubs, and the current scrutiny of these players is very high and they handle it very well. “

Johnson said the Australian Sports Integrity Survey framework will be announced shortly. “The actions the former players were talking about will be handled through an independent channel by the Australian Sports Integrity, not by the Football Australia,” he said.

“Specific claims made-that action, those claims-if they are proven, it’s not OK. Through this process, we call for this kind of action. That’s the purpose.”

All the subtexts that Johnson says are not what Matilda himself says.Since then Last week’s joint statementNot only welcomed independent reviews, but also defended the team’s “strong professional, inclusive and collaborative culture”, and players have remained virtually silent on this issue.

Midfielder Tameka Yallop was closest on Thursday.

“For me, the claim was amazing given that I had been in the environment for a long time,” Yallop told AAP. “But to say that, everyone has different experiences, and the two experiences are not the same.

“So we obviously support her [De Vanna] In everything she wants to move forward, we are pleased that she finally feels she can move forward. And I would like to promote it from a safe environment. Not only for retired players and current players, but also for future players. “

Perhaps most of this story took place only in the field, and the fixtures were at least under Tony Gustafsson, who earned a sneer early in his tenure following a major pre-Olympic friendly loss. Provides insight into where Australia is in Some praise his side for advancing to the Tokyo 2020 bronze medal match.They have since then Lost Away Friendly 3-2 to the Republic of Ireland..

“Preparation is number one,” Gustafsson said this week in the context of next year’s Asian Cup and 2023’s Home World Cup. “When I entered the September camp against Ireland, I said I changed from performance mode to Olympic to preparation mode.”

Brazil has been an old enemy, to be exact in 1988, and is familiar with both style and personnel. Formiga, who made her seventh Olympic appearance at the age of 43, has retired, but Malta is still on the table and energy has lost Australia’s controversial quarterfinal penalty shootout at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Traces are still included.

There are also other subplots. Carr, a regular scorer at Chelsea in the Women’s Super League, is chasing Tim Cahill’s highest scoring record in Australia’s international history, 0f 50. Sit at 48 international goals and work with hat tricks.

Defender Alanna Kennedy has made her 100th appearance, becoming the 11th woman in Australia and her current teammates Clare Polkinghorne (136), Elise Kellond Knight (113) and Emily van Egmond. Egmond (108), Kyah Simon (101) and Kerr (100).

Injuries excluded Chloe Logarzo, Elise Kellond Knight, Haley Laso, and Emily Gielnik. This may mean increased exposure of recent debutantes Angela Beard, Charlie Grant and Claire Wheeler.young Matildas Forward Bryleeh Henry received her first call.

Regardless of who is on the pitch, Matildas has a habit of breaking attendance records. Their latest was in November 2019, at the same venue, beating Chile 2-1 in front of 20,029. It can still fall again.

In June 2019, more than 30,000 people gathered at the Stade de la Mosson in Montpellier to witness Australia’s comeback victory, the first point of the World Cup. Antemiličić’s team has lost the opening match of the group stage with Italy in a disgraceful way. Brazil has not scored a single goal in a World Cup group match since 2003. After 90 minutes, the story turned over. In October 2021, the resolution is not very clear.

Matildas is in the limelight, but the focus can be on football with Brazil in town | Matildas

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