Manufacturer cuts prices of controversial new Alzheimer’s disease drug in half

Monday, December 20, 2021 (HealthDay News)

Expensive new manufacturer Alzheimer’s disease The drug Aducanumab (Aducanumab) announced on Monday that it will cut the cost of the drug in half from January 1, 2022.

This move follows widespread criticism of the drug’s original $ 56,000 annual price tag.

Biogen’s announcement of reduced wholesale acquisition costs means that patients of average weight will have an annual cost of $ 28,200. news release..

“For the past few months, we’ve listened to stakeholder feedback and are now taking important steps to improve patients’ access to aducanumab,” said Biogen CEO. Michel Vounatsos says.

“Too many patients are not offered the choice of aducanumab for financial considerations and are therefore progressing beyond the point of benefiting from the first treatment to address the underlying medical condition. increase. Alzheimer’s disease “We recognize that this challenge must be addressed in a way that is perceived to be sustainable for the US healthcare system,” Vonassos said in a statement.

The coverage of insurance affects the amount the patient actually pays.

This medicine Alzheimer’s disease, And the US Food and Drug Administration approved the drug in June for patients with mild or early symptoms.

However, the initial price of Aduhelm limits its use. It is not widely offered by medical centers and some insurance companies are dissatisfied with the payment for it. The price of aducanumab has also been pointed out as the main reason for plans to raise Medicare insurance premiums.

Last month, Medicare Announced one of the largest increases in history The monthly premium for Part B of outpatient care states that the premium will increase from $ 148.50 to $ 170.10 from January. The agency said that about half of the increase was due to the need for contingency to cover aducanumab, as Medicare is expected to be one of the major payers of the drug.

“nowadays Alzheimer’s disease Disease community as a center for Medicare and Medicaid services [CMS] We are exploring the potential for coverage of this all-new class, not just aducanumab. Alzheimer’s disease “We hope that our actions today will facilitate patient access to these innovative treatments for Alzheimer’s disease,” said Vonassos.

In addition to concerns about the price of aducanumab, patients with Alzheimer’s disease who are taking the drug also have the additional cost of regular tests and scans to monitor the progression of the disease during treatment. Associated Press report.

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source: Biogen, News Release, December 20, 2021; Associated Press

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Manufacturer cuts prices of controversial new Alzheimer’s disease drug in half

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