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“Me Looking back over the past few months, I think it’s easy to feel like we’re stepping on the water, but when you stop thinking about it, we actually do some important work. I checked it. Visitors have begun preparing to return. “

Andrew Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of Rotorua Economic Development

Meet Andrew Wilson. He is a self-proclaimed “man who has only half a glass”. He joined Rotorua Economic Development (both RTO and EDA in the district) as Chief Executive Officer shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic reached the New Zealand coast. The catastrophic impact of the pandemic is said to be the number one tourist destination in the country and the third largest source of income in Rotorua.

“When I took this position 12 months ago, I thought the environment would change pretty quickly, so I need to have some” agile and agile organization. I can respond quickly, so that’s it. This is the lens we applied. “

With a shortage of visitors threatening Rotorua’s tourism economy, the RED team quickly responded to the needs of the local business community.

Lake Tarawera is just one of 18 beautiful lakes in the Rotorua region.

“We have certainly focused on thinking and trying to spot the pandemic on the other side. What that means for this whole destination, and this time the management of the destination. I’m looking at ways to see how I used it to rethink the method. “

Recent development Rotorua destination management The plan speaks of volume in terms of Andrew’s tenacity that iwi and the wider community must engage in the work that RED does. Equally important is the need to embark on a common goal and aspiration that spans four well-being.

“There is a very ambitious set of actions in the destination management plan that can absolutely be said to be the right thing to do for Rotorua. They are tailored to this place and people, and that is the final. Is the most important thing. “

Andrew has also been constantly working to tackle the urban housing problem. He took a broad approach in navigating this space and sought approval from the Rotorua Lakes Council earlier this year to expand RED’s role to include transformative placemaking projects. ..

Rendered by an artist on the $ 40 million Rotorua Lakefront development project.

“It’s all about addressing the issue of home shortages and at the same time revitalizing our city center. I’m wise in discussing what levers the organization can actually pull. I think we have made some better progress, turning off the benefits to the tourism sector and the wider visitor industry.

“Ultimately we want a vibrant city center, and the best way to have a vibrant city center is to have people live there. All the big cities in the world. Has such a feeling. “

In responding to the effects of the pandemic and helping address housing-related issues, RED has also been involved in key work aimed at strengthening the Rotorua place brand.

“We took the time to take a closer look at the Rotorua place brand and make sure we were actually talking about this place.

“It’s unique, clearly identifiable, and really cool. It feels like we’ve stepped into the past in terms of seeing who we are, but it’s actually a modern and vibrant destination. I agree with the future in that it is. When we start thinking about marketing campaigns and how to present our entire destination, we really believe that it will put us in a great position. Seeing it happen, the next few years will be a really exciting journey. “

Looking to the future, Andrew is optimistic and believes Rotorua is in a really good position to take advantage of the visitor’s return.

“I was very impressed with the companies that took advantage of the opportunity to pause and reinvest or rethink delivery. There were many innovations and some exciting new projects in the pipeline recently. It’s really encouraging to see changes in the hospitality sector as businesses open.

“For me, these are signs of regrowth and show that everyone is starting to look more optimistic about the future.”

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Manage destinations through partnerships and innovation

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