Makeshift bed “desk” and laptop saucepan lid “stand”; new norms for working from home

A UK survey conducted by Logitech reveals sad truth in a new national survey after a year of bad habits as a result of careless and unplanned telecommuting.

As the future of hybrid working is projected to continue, the UK’s largest employers are adopting a mix of telecommuting and office work. In short, the British need to find a long-term ergonomic solution for flexible remote work.

Pandemic posture

It can be a year after the first lockdown, but living room sofas are the most common since nearly one-third (29%) of millennials worked from home during a pandemic. I admit that it is a “desk”.

A quarter (25%) of those surveyed converted their kitchen counters into temporary desks. Use the pot as a laptop stand. “

One in six (17%) prefers bed comfort for working from home, while another researcher says, “I work in bed because it’s the only quiet room in my house.” I have commented. Back pain was voted as the most common WFH tension, with approximately one in four respondents experiencing pain on a regular basis.

Makeshift home office

As reported in this survey, an average of 60% of UK employees expect employers to contribute to telecommuting professionals. Prevents pandemic posture and pain, increases productivity and improves work-life balance.

Participants from London spent the most money on “upgrading” their setup. It averaged £ 538 compared to the national average of £ 419. Chairs, desks, headsets, headphones, and computer mice are the most common devices that employees buy.

“It’s been a year since virtual life became mainstream, and not only did we spend more time on computers than ever before, but we were also forced to unexpectedly adapt our homes to our work environment. Many of us have been crammed into beds, sofas and kitchen stools for hours at a time. This study is a country where we are declining in terms of bad posture, productivity and body pain. Clara Torvisco Marquez, UK Category and Marketing Manager at Logitech, said:

Logitech Ergo Lab uses data-driven research on the work environment to design ergonomic computer tools that improve posture, efficiency, and comfort.

Lars Holm Lauridsen, Senior Global Product Manager at Logitech, said: Whether it’s a pop-up desk or a dedicated home office, ergonomic setup of your workspace is important. Especially now that many of us work from home and spend hours sitting on computer screens and chairs. Improving workspace composition improves posture, relieves muscle tension, and makes you feel better.

“The new ERGO M575 wireless ergonomic trackball isn’t the only one. It saves desk space because you don’t have to move the trackball. Another recommended product is the MX Vertical Mouse. And the Ergo K860 split keyboard. Both products are designed to promote a more natural and relaxed posture, reduce wrist and forearm muscle fatigue, and ultimately relax your hands and shoulders. “

Dr. Shireen of GP contributed:

“Our mental and physical health is inextricably linked. Due to improper working environments such as working on the sofa, improper equipment use, and prolonged screen operation, many people are jointed. Suffering from pain, stiffness, and repetitive strain injury (RSI), which, combined with social isolation and loss of daily routine, affects athletic performance and motivation for exercise, and ultimately mental health. Affected.

“I welcome the use of the new Logitech Ergo series at home as a solution to prevent muscle and joint pain that is currently very prevalent. Physical health and progress during this period. C

Makeshift bed “desk” and laptop saucepan lid “stand”; new norms for working from home

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