Macron has not yet received a sub-snab call from Scott Morrison of Australia | Aukus

President of France Emmanuel Macron Scott Morrison hasn’t received a call yet, as the rage continues in Paris over the torn submarine contract.

Australian Prime Minister Morrison said he would like to talk to Macron “when the time comes, when the opportunity arises,” but he understood “scratches and disappointments.” France Cancellation of the $ 90 billion deal.

Macron and Biden I talked on the phone on Wednesday, Almost a week after the announcement Defense partnership Among Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, France complained that it was deliberately kept in the dark.

A joint statement released after the phone call by Biden and Macron said the two leaders “agreeed that the situation would benefit from open talks between allies on strategic concerns for French and European partners.”

Macron promised that the French ambassador to the United States would return to Washington next week as a sign of some progress. However, it is unclear when the French ambassador to Australia, who was recalled to Paris in protest of the decision late last week, will return to his post.

Morrison said Biden was “happy” to be able to strengthen France’s important role in the Indo-Pacific “not only from a US perspective, but also from all partners in this new arrangement.”

“I think it’s very important for the president to have such an involvement,” Morrison told reporters in Washington Thursday morning, Australian time.

“I look forward to similar discussions when the time comes and I have the opportunity.”

However, Morrison suggested that the issue between Australia and France “will take longer to resolve than the issue being addressed between the United States and France.”

Morrison said Australia attaches great importance to its relationship with France and would like to work with Australia and Europe to maintain a stable and safe area.

“So our door is wide open. Our invitation is there. We understand the wounds and disappointments. And we are patient and work with old friends. I’m looking forward to it. “

Morrison was asked if he would apologize when he spoke to Macron and said he supported the decision and acted in accordance with Australia’s national security interests.

“Of course that’s what I had to do, because the Prime Minister has to make difficult decisions about our interests.”

Morrison denied that the joint statement by Biden and Macron could be seen as a denial of Australian diplomacy leading to the cancellation of the deal.

Morrison said the United States and France are NATO partners and have created “certain expectations about how they interact with each other on national security issues.”

“The issues that the President of the United States is addressing are very different because of their different relationships and different obligations.”

Morrison claimed that Australia “told” that it believed that traditional submarines no longer met that requirement.

The French government claimed that the allies deliberately kept it in the dark and did not give a real warning, saying it was “stabbed behind” and “betrayed.”

On Wednesday, Morrison met with parliamentary leaders at Capitol Hill, including Chairman Nancy Pelosi, to strengthen support for the bill needed to enable the United States to share sensitive nuclear technology with Australia. ..

Morrison sought his political rival in Australia after Labor Party diplomatic spokesman Penny Wong. Asked for a guarantee of impact A new arrangement for nuclear propulsion submarines.

Wong does not deviate from the party’s qualified support for the announcement, but used Thursday’s speech to update the coalition’s call to set up a bipartisan process, including the Labor Party, for decades of acquisition. Success is a “changing political style.”

“Australian people will be confused as to why there could be bipartisan support for this initiative in the United States. Within a few days, Labor seems to bet in their own way,” Morrison said.

“I don’t bet on national security in each way.”

Morrison said all three conditions of support set by Anthony Albanese would be met. He said it was important for the initiative to get bipartisan support and that “these issues would be resolved in the usual way.”

Macron has not yet received a sub-snab call from Scott Morrison of Australia | Aukus

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