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Macron and Ardern hold talks to strengthen the fight against online extremism

French President Emmanuel Macron and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will meet at a video conference on Friday night to advance a two-year-old campaign to curb online extremism.

The negotiations will be two years after the leader started Christchurch Call. Christchurch Call is an initiative named after a city in New Zealand.

The campaign aimed at integrating the government and top technology platforms was backed by a decision by the administration of the new US President Joe Biden to join the initiative after Donald Trump turned his back on the drive.

The French president said the purpose of the talks, scheduled to begin at 1830 GMT, was to “reaffirm strong and high-level political support, set new goals for Christchurch signers and open up with digital platforms. While maintaining a demanding dialogue. ” ..

Christchurch Call participants are required to pledge to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content on social media and other online platforms.

It was not immediately clear which technical officers and other leaders would participate in the virtual negotiations.

According to Macron’s office, the initiative currently involves 52 states, the European Commission, 10 large corporations, a global internet platform, and 12 civil society associations.

The drive was launched to counter the increasing use of social media by militants after Christchurch attackers broadcast live footage on Facebook from head-mounted cameras.

After the attack, New Zealand leaders gained a great deal of international attention and respect by reaching out to their Muslim community at home and pledged a massive crackdown on extremist content.

Prior to the meeting, President Jacinda Ardern said in a statement released by the President of France, “Some of the priorities for progress are strengthened to manage crises related to terrorist and violent extremist content online. Has collective ability. “

“The work on the call is underway and remains as important as it was when it started two years ago,” Macron added.


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Macron and Ardern hold talks to strengthen the fight against online extremism

SourceMacron and Ardern hold talks to strengthen the fight against online extremism

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