Logitech G Announces Official League of Legends Gaming Gear

Enhance your game: Logitech G & Riot Games introduces the official League of Legends game gear.

Up your game

Play with the legend Logitech G The League of Legends collection includes the PRO X Gaming Headset, PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse, PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, and G840 XL Gaming Mouse Pad.

Logitech’s brand and leading innovator of gaming technology and gear, Logitech G, in collaboration with Riot Games, the creator of the League of Legends, today announced a series of collectable League of Legends PC game gear.

High performance to improve the experience

Offering the same high performance that gamers expect from Logitech G, this collaboration is designed using the League of Legends’ unique Hextech look and feel across a range of products, including the Logitech G PRO X gaming headset and the Logitech G PRO wireless. Increasingly gaming mouse, Logitech G PRO mechanical gaming keyboard, and Logitech G840XL gaming mouse pad.

“When you like games like League of Legends, you can immerse yourself in the game like in the real world,” said Peter Kingsley, CMO of Logitech G. You can combine our professional-level products and technologies with the iconic Hextech design of League of Legends. Headsets, keyboards, mice and mousepads are covered in special league colors, creating a unique collection designed to inspire transcendental levels of gameplay. “

In League of Legends, Hextech is a magical technology that powers the Piltover and Zaun regions. The foundation, Hextech, combines the clean, layered geometry of Art Deco-inspired architecture with the magical power of a modern, fantastic guide. As the official design language for league brands, Hextech not only empowers, but also guides players.

“We are pleased to continue our partnership with Logitech G,” said Ashley Maidy, Head of Consumer Products at Riot Games. “They were great collaborators on improving the player experience and bringing League of Legends to life. The new professional-level collection transforms League of Legends Hextech technology into sophisticated performance-driven products. And improve the experience for every player. “

Exciting league fans around the world

PROX Gaming Headset League of Legends The edition was created to inspire league fans and is designed to enhance tournament-level competitors. Built on proven PROX technology developed for Esports Pro, this headset is a premium build for exceptional comfort and durability, and Blue VO for transcendental communication! It features CE technology and 7.1 surround sound for maximum immersiveness and clarity.

The PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard League of Legends Edition has a compact numeric keypad-less design that frees up tablespace for low-sensitivity mouse operation. Equipped with a durable GX brown tactile switch, it provides identifiable feedback without being oversized or distracting. The keyboard features programmable LIGHTSYNC RGB and onboard memory, allowing gamers to customize and save tournament lighting patterns.

Logitech G has also added the PRO Wireless Mouse League of Legends Edition and the G840XL Gaming Mouse Pad to bring a summoner rift to your desk and connect your collection.

Part of a collection of more than game setups, these are legendary tools, forged by magic, enhanced by science, and used by champions.

Logitech G Announces Official League of Legends Gaming Gear

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