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Linked Helper vs Dripify Comparison: LinkedIn Automation Tools

Linkedin is a gold mine for online marketers when it comes to lead generation. However, it is not enough to have a premium account. Most professionals use LinkedIn, and you need some advanced tools to beat the competition and get in touch with the right persons.

Linkedin automation tools are popular among professionals who are always short on time. The automation tools help you automate multiple tasks such as posting, scheduling, and sharing LinkedIn posts. In addition, text messaging and automated replies are some popular tasks that automation tools can handle easily.

Dripify Pros and Cons

Dripify is one of the most innovative LinkedIn automation tool available today. It is an extremely effective LinkedIn automation tool and platform to assist your advertising department in generating extra leads and promoting your products and services on autopilot. By using Dripify, you can put your marketing tasks on autopilot. Here is the list of pros and cons of Dripify.

Dripify Pros

  • Easy to use and simple interface
  • Automated sales funnels
  • LinkedIn analytics
  • Tutorial videos are available
  • Export data to CSV files
  • Autopilot Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • LinkedIn Team management
  • Messenger tool for LinkedIn
  • Well-organized dashboard
  • Integration with over 1000 software tools and extensions
  • Advanced safety algorithm

Dripify Cons

  • Data downloading is not easy

Linked Helper Pros and Cons

Linked Helper has proven to be one of the best automation tools for this platform. The tool is a Chrome extension and a desktop application that has functions like notify first connections, invite people to connect, invite first connections to join a group, creating auto-reply messages for new connections, which can be automated.

Anyone can use Linked Helper to automate many LinkedIn activities, saving valuable time. All you have to do is find the app’s 14-day free trial and install it as a Chrome extension or desktop app. After logging into your LinkedIn profile, you can use the many great features.

Linked Helper Pros

  • Auto-visiting LinkedIn profiles
  • Auto-messaging
  • Auto-endorse connections
  • Auto-InMail
  • Invite 1st connections to join a group
  • You can add your signature to messages to make them more professional and customised.
  • You can design smart funnels for lead generation and remove overlaps between different campaigns.

Linked Helper Cons

  • It has a complex interface
  • Absence of teamwork possibilities.
  • Do not accept emojis in text messages.
  • It’s difficult to accumulate contacts in LinkedIn Helper.
  • The appearance is a bit outdated.
  • Users may face slow speed issues.
  • The absence of integrations with the CRM
  • No features for setting up follow up campaigns

Why Choose Dripify LinkedIn Automation in 2022?

Dripify has some of the most unique and useful features to help you take your lead generation on LinkedIn game to the next level, including advanced analytics with relevant metrics, conversion rates, including available team statistics.

The platform is designed to take into account Linkedin users, especially those people and companies who are very focused on promoting their brand on Linkedin. The platform enables members to advertise on LinkedIn, create campaigns and upload LinkedIn leads, respond to leads, manage conversations and analyze metrics. It also supports integrations with Zapier, Salesforce, Zoho, Asana, etc.

It’s a powerful LinkedIn automation platform, a cross-functional tool that can help your marketing department generate more leads and sell more products on autopilot. Dripify ensures that unit leaders can be easily integrated and that LinkedIn planning can also occur in parallel.

Why Choose Dripify over Linked Helper

Dripify offers a plethora of features and benefits that help you to take Linked automation to the next level. Here we have compared Dripify over Linked Helper based on feature, analysis, pricing, safety, control, customer service, safety, and more:

Key Features Dripify Linked Helper
Free Trial Yes (7 days) Yes (14 days)
Web Access Yes No
Advanced Analytics Yes No
Lead Export/Import Yes Yes
In-Built Messenger Yes No
24/7 customer support Yes No
Activity Control Yes No
Bulk Messages Yes Yes
Auto-follow content Yes Yes
Campaign stats Yes Yes

Let us now check out some features that will encourage you to use Dripify over Linkedin helper.

1. Complete automation

The automation options available in LinkedIn helper are limited, while Dripify lets you automate most of your LinkedIn tasks. Although Dripify is expensive than LinkedIn helper but worth the value it offers is worth the money, you pay for it.

2. Advanced Analytics

Dripify offers you to analyse all the metrics of your LinkedIn marketing campaigns. The analytics offered by Dripify are much advanced when compared to the LinkedIn helper. You can watch your daily stats on Linkedin and see the metric of individual campaigns to observe their performance.

It shows you the metrics like LinkedIn engagement rate, campaign performance, and account usage, all from the control centre of your Dripify account.

3. Inbuilt Messenger

Dripify comes with an inbuilt messenger that lets you send messages to your connections right from your dripify account.

4. 24 x 7 Customer support

The customer support for Dripify is available 24 x 7, and the same is not available in LinkedIn helper. When you face problems, dripify offers you 24 hours customer support to fix the issues and help you with your automation tasks.

5. Team Management

Dripify also offers you to manage your team management tasks like assigning roles, quick onboarding, tracking the performance, and receiving the reports for every team member. You can also upgrade team members in Dripify, and all these options are not available in LinkedIn helper.

6. Acceptance and Response Rates

The acceptance and response rates for your campaigns are extremely important to analyse their performance. In addition, Dripify also shows you a detailed overview of the performance of your campaigns.

7. Recent Actions Tracker

Dripify allows you to track the recent actions for your campaigns and their performance so that you can repeat the same actions or change them to improve the results. The option to track recent actions is not available in LinkedIn helper.


Both LinkedIn automation tools are popular for the features they offer, but if you compare all the features, Dripify comes out to be a winner over the LinkedIn helper. Dripify has a 68% acceptance rate, 42% message response rate, and 65% better conversion rate. Although Dripify offers plenty of additional features compared to LinkedIn Helper, you are free to choose any of them by analysing occur their individual features and advantages.

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