Line of Duty Adrian Dunbar explains why it’s a “relief” Hastings isn’t an “H”

Warning: Contains spoilers

Duties Star Adrian Dunbar has revealed that it’s “really hard to accept” that his character, director Ted Hastings, turns out to be a mysteriously organized criminal boss, “H.”

In the fifth series of the hit BBC police show, Hastings was suspicious and AC-12 was searching for the best police officer to direct the OCG operation.

After the finale revealed that sneaky legal adviser Gil Bigeroe was actually framing him, Adrian said Hastings was relieved that Hastings didn’t have to go in the direction he disagrees. ..

BBC / World Productions / Stephen Hill

Adrian Dunbar as director of Ted Hastings

Talk in How to Make an Elizabeth Day Podcast Fail, Adrian said: “It was a relief to me because I spent a lot of time playing this character and always thought that Ted had a sense of duty and a moral core.

“And because I found out that I was the villain of this arch … I would have been really hard to accept it.

“Jed [Mercurio, the show’s writer and creator] Are aware of our audience and they know that Ted has moral strength. I’m glad he came out of it in the flying colors. “

He added: “The police are aware of me and know that there are many slogans in police work. We show that it will take a long time for the police to get an answer.”

A closer look at DI Matthew Kottan’s dying declaration at the Series 5 finale revealed that the “H” was actually a clue, not a person, and that there were four senior officials in the organized crime league. ..

So far, Kottan, ACC Derek Hilton, and Big Jello are no longer masked, and the other is still large.

However, some viewers of the current series Found clues about their identity in the latest episode..

Line Of Duty will continue on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One. How To Fail podcasts can now be streamed.

Line of Duty Adrian Dunbar explains why it’s a “relief” Hastings isn’t an “H”

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