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Let’s Celebrate Metro Melbourne And Regional Victoria

The past two years have been tyring for everyone in the world. The current global health crisis has had a significant impact on daily life in every continent, country, province, city and neighbourhood. Australia was not spared, and with the resurgence of new variants, many areas had to go back under lockdown conditions to contain the spread.

However, there is good news at last. Victoria residents responded to calls to get vaccinated, and now we have passed the 70% threshold. As a result, we are seeing an end to the lockdowns and a lifting of the curfews. Furthermore, the wanderers among us will have more to celebrate as travel restrictions are also eased!

While we now have the chance to move around freely once again, return to our favourite entertainment venues, rediscover shopping and rejoice in the best that the state has to offer, there remain some considerations you should take note of:

Some restrictions will still be in place after this Friday at 6 pm:

  • You won’t have to wear your face mask as long as you are outdoors.
  • However, it remains mandatory to wear a face mask while indoors in public spaces like malls.
  • While moving around your strata, it is highly recommended that you continue to wear your face mask while on common property. This precaution is especially important within the more enclosed areas in apartment buildings.

As to the pertinent restrictions being lifted on Friday from 6 pm:

  • Residents can now be granted access to shared recreational and private outdoor facilities like barbecues, dining areas and swimming pools.
  • There can be outdoor public gatherings of no more than 30 people.
  • You may reopen indoor recreational and shared facilities.
  • Home visits of no more than 10 people are allowed within Regional Victoria and Metropolitan Melbourne.
  • All members of a household can now book short stay accommodations for holidays. They can also include up to 10 more guests as long as the total numbers do not violate the limits set for home visits.

Finally, owners’ corporations can convene AGMs or necessary committee meetings in person. (These allowances are still subject to government restrictions). However, to account for the fact that the present situation remains uncertain and things are still likely to change, we prefer to continue having virtual meetings for the foreseeable future.

These changes bring about a great deal of relief to all Victorians. However, we are still advised to exercise caution and remain vigilant. Everyone has to heed the rules -particularly those restrictions still in place- to preserve their families’, friends’ and neighbours’ safety.

So it’s time to celebrate the positive progress we are making. Additionally, we can only hope to keep moving in the right direction.

The goal of this message is to update you on the significant events that have taken place and to provide important information regarding mandates that will affect your living community. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with your strata manager.


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