Leakasperek reminds us of a rare vulnerability in Australia | Cricket

Australia has created an impressive bowling display with a pitch that offers many turns © Getty Images

Australia regained Australia’s depth and confidence as it continued to break records with a 3-0 ODI series victory over New Zealand, but potential exploits by the team. There was a glimpse of weaknesses.

Off spinner Lee Casperek Following the delivery of her 6 wickets in a second match against the Triple Wicket Maiden on Saturday when Australia fell from 73 to 80 at 0. The key to Casperek’s success was the speed at which she was able to put it in the bowl-one delivery was timed at only 38kph-what to the batter, coupled with the pitch it was holding and spinning. It didn’t help.

From the twelfth time onwards, Alyssa Healy was caught in a long-on, Ash Gardner was confused by the big spin, and Rachael Haynes dragged the first ball.

It’s australia First match of last year’s T20 World Cup When Poonam Yadav passed them 19-4.

“That’s what we need to do. We talked a lot about it as a group, and I think we need to do a little better.” Meg running Said. “But Lee’s credit is that she bowled very well and bowled very well to the conditions.

“The breeze was really strong and I was bowling, so I was falling at a pretty pace. When I saw a lot of balls thrown, my first instinct was to come to it, and maybe we need to rethink. There is. How do you want to play?

“We need to deal with it and keep talking about it. It keeps appearing in cricket all over the world, so we need to figure out what we need to do to play that kind of bowling better. It’s a good thing because it’s very effective, especially with old wickets. Challenge our batting group. ”

However, Lanning believes that facing this situation was a valuable experience ahead of next year’s ODI World Cup in New Zealand.

“The batting condition was tricky. It was a bit long and it will probably pass the World Cup when playing over and over again at the same venue. There are still quite a few bits we can improve. I think, learning from, this game was a great lesson for us. ”

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Leakasperek reminds us of a rare vulnerability in Australia | Cricket

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