Lauren Goodger hurried to the hospital after not feeling the baby’s movements

Lauren Goodger was suffering from the fear of pregnancy (Photo: @Lauren Goodger, Instagram)

Lauren Goodger She revealed that she was taken to the hospital last week after not feeling the baby’s movements.

Former Tweester Pregnant her first child Expecting a baby girl with her boyfriend Charles Drury.

But after she got sick last month, she was worried about her baby’s health and suffered fear.

Lauren, 34, revealed in her latest pregnancy diary For OK! VIP:’Sadly, I went to the hospital last week.

“I didn’t feel the baby’s movements and I didn’t feel myself, so I was advised to go and have a medical examination.”

She added: “As you know, I’m always honest about my feelings and I’ll be able to talk more about it when this episode is completely over next week.”

Lauren and the baby seem to be heading in the right direction as they shared the excitement of the upcoming 4D scan three weeks later.

The reality show star explained: “I was contacted by the company and thought,” Yeah, it’s amazing. ” I like to scan.

“As long as they’re nerve-wracking, that’s a relief-hopefully I’ll have them every day! I got a midwife appointment next week, so the midwife checked me out, I’m chatting. Now it’s very real. ”

Lauren said it “had happened soon” after she released news about her baby in January of her 14th week of pregnancy and announced her relationship with Charles in October.

She said something new before! Magazine:’This is the beginning of my life.

“We are pretty sexually active and I’m not doing anything [contraceptives] And that happened immediately. ”

Lauren Goodger and Charles Drury started dating in October (Photo: Instagram / @ laurengoodger)

Charles, 23, talks about his feelings when he first became a father in his early twenties, saying: My mother also had me at a fairly young age – at the age of 17.

“It happened naturally and we wanted it right away. When Lauren told me it was a mixed emotion, but it was what I always wanted.

Lauren added: “We are very comfortable with each other and have experienced a lot. We have settled down at home and have a baby – 100 mph! We are now a family.”

Charles became famous last year for dating Katie Price during a brief split with former boyfriend Chris Boyson. But he claimed they weren’t officially a couple, it was just a short-lived romance.

Lauren is famous for having a long-term relationship with Twee’s co-star Mark Wright, who was engaged until the split in 2012 while also dating Joey Morrison and Jakuma Clean. It was.

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Lauren Goodger hurried to the hospital after not feeling the baby's movements

Source link Lauren Goodger hurried to the hospital after not feeling the baby's movements

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