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Fresh styling, more technology – and rising prices.

This is a story about a carryover edition called Kona Series II. This is a mid-life update to the brand’s popular compact crossover, offering new family members to increase optimal spending on the petrol edition while continuing the familiar drivetrain.

New equivalents of the variants offered in the powertrain in the pre-renovation lineup are the IVT, Elite IVT, and Limited IVT.

These prices are $ 34,990, $ 39,990, and $ 44,990, respectively.

This means that the cheapest and most expensive variants are $ 3000 higher than before and the midgrades are up $ 2000.

All of these models run on a 2.0-liter engine, generate 110kW and 180Nm, are paired with a continuously variable transmission with eight preset steps, and are front-wheel drive.

Above these locations is the new configuration, the Kona N-Line. It uses a sports styling package not found in cheap cars and combines 1.6 liters of turbocharged gasoline with a 7-speed automatic manual.

The N-Line offers specific features such as a nose bonnet vent, a “motorsport-inspired” front end, body-colored cladding, a larger rear spoiler and diamond-cut wheels.

The 146kW / 265Nm version costs $ 49,990 and acts as a fossil fuel flagship only temporarily. Hyundai NZ suggests that it will eventually represent Kona N, a high-performance variation expected by the end of the year.

The first SUV rebuilt by Hyundai’s N division, the Kona N, combined with an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, delivers a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine. Potentially, it could be front-wheel drive instead of four-wheel drive.

This is the same engine servicing the i30 N, the brand’s current only N division messenger in New Zealand, with outputs of 206kW and 392Nm provided by hot hatches, although the output has not yet been announced. It may match.

Hyundai has previously promised that the powertrain will be seasoned with launch control and sports exhaust.

Hyundai NZ has also not received the updated Kona Electric yet. Kona Electric uses the same modified styling cues found on petrol cars and features an electric powertrain that offers a wider range and better performance than today’s cars.

Current electric models are concerned about battery integrity, and brands are influencing recalls in many markets.

Series II has a new front-end design. On top of the individual headlight clusters and wheel arch cladding that contrast with the body color, there is a redesigned narrow LED daytime running light. It’s less radical than the front, but the rear end has also been restyled.

Inside is a new console area with electric parking brakes, ambient lights, aluminum finish around the speakers and vents, and leather options.

A new feature in this model is the option of a 10.25 inch digital instrument cluster. In addition, the new Kona also comes with an optional 10.25-inch touchscreen multimedia system.

Safety and driver assist elements are performed in active cruise control, lane keep assist, autonomous emergency braking, blind spot collision avoidance assist, rear crossing traffic warning, and safety exit warning to forward collision avoidance assistance with optional cyclist detection. I will.

It picks up the departure alert for the preceding vehicle. This warns the driver when the stationary vehicle in front has moved.

Kona Update Increases Model Selection, Price — Motoringnz

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