Kiwi creates an ingenious app to organize your stuff

While living in Hong Kong, New Zealander Lisa Dooling witnessed expats having to return home for funerals and settling their loved one’s estate.

This long and often very emotional task seemed like too much of a burden for Lisa. Wanting to help, she started a nifty company called Sought and has now expanded it into an app that can help catalog and organize people’s possessions.

Her business and the app, both named Sought, can be used to help people in more ways than she originally anticipated.

Lisa Dooling is perhaps the most passionate person I have ever met when it comes to organizing, cataloging, creating systems and helping people.

Seeing countless friends traveling from country to country at such an emotional time seemed like a stressful, arduous and time-consuming experience for Lisa.

She thought to herself, “Surely there must be a company that can take the pressure off and help arrange an estate for families and/or friends.

Unable to find anyone who could help her, Lisa set out to build a business that could fill that need.

Wanted was born

Lisa’s company, Sought, provides a service where she travels all over New Zealand and catalogs an entire estate.

She does this by taking photos and recording details about each item.

All valuables, heirlooms or heirlooms etc. are then organized into categories which are further detailed in separate reports.

These reports can then be sent to companies for quotes and/or shared with all recipients so the whole family can be involved, no matter where in the world they live.

“At times like these, when you’re grieving, you want to spend time with your loved ones, not clean and sort a house,” Lisa explains.

“And now, with the onset of Covid-19, it’s increasingly important to have help because so many people are in the terrible position of not being able to return home.”

With a background in administration and providing high-end hospitality services, Lisa is no stranger to multitasking and database design.

With systems and efficiency constantly buzzing in Lisa’s head, she began thinking about the planning and documentation processes needed to clean and organize a home.

Wanted Founder Lisa Dooling

“I wanted to design a physical system to ensure that all facets were handled in a structured way, which could also, if necessary, be handed over to someone else who could do the same thing in the same way.”

It was this planning, and lots of late-night notes during lockdown, that provided Lisa with the initial idea for the Sought app.

Create new technology

“The app actually kicked off with lots of checklists and process maps,” says Lisa.

I tapped into the knowledge I had accumulated over the many moves I made and the decluttering I participated in.

She spent hours searching online for a tool she could buy or download that could help her business with photos and reports, but she couldn’t find anything that suited her needs.

It was only by chance that she met an app developer, where they were both, coincidentally, attending a local networking meeting for the first time.

Together with Lisa, the app developer was able to create a physical program from the ideas and thoughts she had in mind.

Launched in February 2022

Using the Sought app means people can take control of their own assets while they are alive and well.

The app allows a person to share stories and link memories to certain heirlooms as well as bequeath sentimental items to certain people.

Essentially, a person’s wishes can be stored and organized, with photos, for the whole family to see, or which can be sent to a lawyer.

“People don’t want to talk about death, bequests or estates. It’s a tough subject to talk about,” says Lisa. “But planning can make this process so much easier.”

Lisa’s hope is that Sought and/or the Sought app can reduce stress, minimize awkwardness or arguments, and relieve pressure on loved ones trying to figure out if something should be kept, gifted, donated, or sold. .

An unexpected but crucial aspect of the Sought app is that you have all your content and valuables on hand in the event of a disaster.

You can simply click on a report and send your list of items with all stored photos and receipts to an insurance company or the police.

It can provide great peace of mind in what could be an incredibly stressful event.

Building a business and the resulting app from scratch, which seems like it’s never been done before, didn’t happen overnight.

Last year there were times when I could have slipped away because it scared me, but the trust and encouragement I received from others kept me going. “says Lisa.

“I would tell anyone who has an idea or a dream to at least explore its potential.”

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Kiwi creates an ingenious app to organize your stuff

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