Joe Rogan argues that straight white men are not allowed to speak

Joe thinks “awakened culture” is overkill (Photo: Spotify / YouTube)

Joe Rogan argued that “awakened culture” leads to straight white men [being] I was allowed to speak. “

Podcaster told stand-up comedian Joe List on a podcast about how the comedy world has changed and the Joe Rogan experience, which attracts an estimated 11 million listeners per Spotify episode.

After recalling that Liszt heard a “serious” conversation on a mental health podcast, he suggested that straight white men should avoid self-deprecating humor because of their privileges.

Logan, 53, said: It continues. It goes on and on, and if you agree with all these demands and you reach the point of headache, it will eventually be unacceptable for straight white men to speak. Because it is your privilege to express yourself when people of other colors are silent throughout history.

“Well, you are not allowed to go out, because so many people have been imprisoned for so many …”

Logan continued when Liszt began to laugh:’I’m not kidding, it will really get there. It’s crazy.

“We have to be kind to each other, guys. And there are many people who are taking advantage of this strangeness of our culture, and it will be theirs. Calling people for their privileges and calling people for their position. As you know, it’s a crazy era. “

The list states:

Rogan is Spotify’s most popular podcast in 2020, a podcast acquired by Streamer in a deal estimated to be worth more than $ 100 million (£ 70.4 million), spoken by a straight white man. Commented that it may not be possible.

He also argued at the show that comedy movies like Superbad and Step Brothers wouldn’t be made today:’In terms of whether you can make a good comedy movie anymore or it will be cancelled. Has it become so dangerous, isn’t that comedy movie anymore you can do? “

Seth Rogen, the author of Superbad, previously admitted that some of Superbad’s jokes “border homophobia.”

He told the Guardian in 2015: “It’s interesting to see some movies made in the last decade under the lens of a new era, a new social consciousness.

“Sure, in previous and recent films, as it was a year later,” Yeah, that might not have been the best idea. Superbad sometimes blatantly exposed to homophobia. There will be some jokes. They are all high school voices that speak that way, but it’s silly not to admit that we also make that type of language attractive in many ways to some extent. I think that’s what it is.

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Joe Rogan argues that straight white men are not allowed to speak

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