Job interviews begin when you enter the building

Recently provided a lot of insights into job interviews, including navigating. Panel interview And How to confidently enter the interview.. In this article, I’d like to talk about the peripheral elements of a job interview that can make a big difference when combined. The first and last impressions are important and you don’t know who you will encounter before or after the actual interview. Here are some easy ways you can nail a job interview from start to finish.

Preparing for the interview day

Preparation is the key to a successful interview.The employer can tell the interviewee if they have it fairly quickly. Prepared Or if they have it on their wings. And finally, preparation is giving yourself justice at the beginning of the meeting.

Preparing can be broken down into several elements.

  • Homework about the job and its requirements.
  • Write and plan the answers to the questions of the likely situation.
  • Prepare some questions ask..
  • Make a transportation plan before the interview (take enough time in case the bus is delayed or the parking lot is small).
  • Learn a little about the company you are visiting.
  • Find out who will be attending the interview (chat with the hiring manager or hiring manager for this).
  • Have a clear idea of ​​short-term, medium-term and long-term goals and ambitions.

Once you’ve squared some of your interview homework and logistics, there’s one more thing to think about.

Dressing for success

It’s certainly a cliché. And in 2021, the workforce is much more casual than it was 20 years ago. However, there are still benefits to dressing up in a way that conveys that you are taking the opportunity seriously. Avoid overly casual shoes and messy clothing. It is a good rule to dress simply but properly.

The role you are applying for has some implications for how you should be dressed. For example, junior developers need to aim for neat, neat clothes, but if they don’t own a luxury corporate wardrobe, they won’t lose too much sleep. For higher-level roles, or roles that require more meetings, customer-stakeholder relationships, you may expect people who are not only able to work, but who represent the company well through personal presentations. not.

As already mentioned, 2021 is a time of some turmoil for corporate fashion. You can get some tips by checking people’s pages on the company website, social media, or asking recruiters.

in the case of doubtThere is much less risk to the possibility of presenting well by that’s allDressing than there is underdressing.

Enter the building

You have arrived at the interview location. Once you pass through the door, you are now officially starting a job interview. The foyer and lobby of the building are lively and there may be someone from the company you are interviewing nearby.In some cases, I may take the elevator with someone. At your job interview.. This does not happen often, but it does. Your thinking and manners should take this into account. Simply have a polite, light conversation and avoid personal phone calls and antisocial body language.

Greeting reception

This is the moment when many people really feel the nerves of a job interview. The elevator doors lead to the reception area, where the reception area or, in some cases, the electronic sign-in system greets the company sign with someone.

Think of anyone you meet first at the reception as one of the people interviewing you.Receptionists can meet hundreds of people a day, and in some organizations Asked their impression Of the candidate.

It may be natural to immediately state who you are looking at, but don’t forget to say hello to that person and ask what they are doing. This is not just a job interview, but generally a good rule.

Then briefly mention the manager you are there (in preparation, you can pass the name if needed!) And at what time. Otherwise, the electronic sign-in system will notify the recruitment manager by email.

Waiting for an interview

It’s a good idea to get up five minutes before the interview begins and make sure you’re waiting for your hiring manager. Not the other way around. Sit at the reception and read some notes about roles, experiences, goals and more. This is an important thing to convey in conversation.

Next, let’s take a look at the activities in the reception area. You can see and hear what makes you feel the energy of this company. You may even have a conversation with the person working there. This may seem trivial, but a simple observation that helps you understand your corporate culture will help you approach the interview in a more appropriate way. At the very least, you can hear a little story about breaking ice by noticing the stunning scenery, artwork, or values ​​on the walls.

It’s much better to spend those five minutes preparing to catch up with social media. Trust me!

Meeting with recruitment manager

When meeting with a hiring manager, it’s important to stay out of the way of natural and friendly greetings. Shake hands and look at your eyes with a smile. Don’t get too absorbed in overstatement here. You can talk about yourself throughout the interview. Instead, you may want to stop by a friendly icebreaker like the one above. Or would you like to ask a question instead? How about their week? This is a great opportunity to pick up additional information about the company you are meeting with, as we learn the most by asking and listening.

The recruitment manager will take you to the meeting room, at which point you will meet others participant.. Again, say hello to each person individually, repeat the name (“Hello Tim”), and try to make this stick.

If you bring a note, don’t be afraid to put it in front of you for easy access. Make sure these notes are more prompt to you than verbatim answers. Otherwise, the interview can be a bit unnatural.


Now it’s time for a conversation. Fortunately, by the time this begins, all preparations and expectations are complete. You can easily talk about your role and experience.We have some great insights into job interviews Article section And resource,Please check it!

After the interview

When things are nearing the end, it’s time to confirm the next steps. There is usually a next step and a time frame to see if you have been selected as a finalist. If not, please feel free to contact us.

Emphasize that you say goodbye to each person in the interview and to those at the reception when you leave.

Congratulations, you did it through an interview! Remember that you need to remain professional as long as you are still in the building. One of the most common mistakes we encounter is when a candidate calls a friend or family member while still leaving. I don’t know who is listening. Refrain from such conversations until you are deaf to someone who may be around you.

If you’re working through a recruiter like Absolute IT, touch the base to see how everything went. You can also accelerate the next step and, of course, arrange for other opportunities.

As you rReflected in the interview And certainly a job opportunity, some questions you might want to ask come to mind. Of course this is fine. It’s a good idea to combine a courtesy email to thank your recruiting manager for your time and a couple of pressing questions about your role.

Whether successful or not, it’s important to ponder the process. The more interviews you have, the better and more relaxing you are usually. As with anything, practice is perfect.

Want to know more about the job interview process?

Talk With our team How to nail a job interview and how to access some of New Zealand’s best IT opportunities.


Job interviews begin when you enter the building

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