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Is e-learning theme WordPress from TemplateMonster the best option for online school?

Distance learning is gaining popularity all over the world. Nowadays, the opportunity to get an education without leaving home no longer seems so amazing and impossible. The first virtual schools appeared in the US in the mid-1990s. They were not as thorough and did not reach such a large audience. Over time, e-learning has improved and expanded its capabilities. 2020 has become a revolutionary year for the market of digital educational technologies. With the onset of the pandemic, many online schools have made incredible strides and become billion-dollar firms. According to the study, the online education market will reach 10 trillion dollars by 2030!

What is needed for the favorable development of distance learning? Undoubtedly, the ability to build a convenient and affordable website. The possibilities of web pages allow you to make the learning process as effective and exciting as possible. If you decide to create your online school or do online tutoring, e-learning theme WordPress is worth your attention.

The designs are popular enough to find many options on different marketplaces. One of the most reliable and has a large assortment is TemplateMonster. Before moving on to choosing a layout, let’s take a look at all the details and features of WordPress products.

The best features of the e-learning theme WordPress

People rate WordPress e-learning themes highly because of their convenience, versatility, and ease of use. They allow you to create a full-fledged online school, course, or university that will meet all modern requirements and trends. Holding marathons, online chat, posting information about teachers and classes – it’s all possible! Use the following features to make your web resource unique and user friendly:

Stylish design created by professionals

All layouts are designed with the latest trends in mind. They have an attractive look that keeps students focused, exciting animations, and high-quality pictures.


Nowadays, people increasingly prefer to use websites from their smartphones. However, sometimes they are faced with the fact that the web page is displayed incorrectly on a small screen. Responsive layout ensures that your website has a perfect view on phones, tablets, and computers.

High customization and flexibility

You don’t have to spend hours customizing the theme. Do it with just a couple of clicks! Moreover, you may expand the functionality of your site with a large number of add-ons compatible with WordPress themes.

SEO optimization

As you know, SEO is an important tool for promoting a business. Because the themes are SEO-friendly, you easily select the content that search engines recognize quickly.


WordPress themes for online schools are fully compatible with multilingual plugins. These plugins are required for websites with several languages, which could be easily added with the help of the plugin and automatically translated. Also, you get a language switcher feature using which users switch languages.

Contact form

The designs come with the Contact form. Using this form, your visitors write their questions. It is a great way to communicate with the students!

Blog module

A great feature to share useful information about your online campaigns and increase your reach simultaneously.

Convenient drag and drop editor

All e-learning layouts are fully editable. What’s more, you might change colors and fonts add widgets without code knowledge by dragging and dropping.


If you are a tutor looking for students, this feature is the best way to showcase your skills and services.

Forum and online chat

Take advantage of these functions to provide convenient and fast communication between students and teachers.

Detailed documentation and reliable support

Don’t worry if you have issues with the layout. Read the documentation or contact the TemplateMonster support team to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Which companies can use the e-learning theme WordPress?

Considering the wide functionality of templates, we conclude that they are a great option for many companies. Layouts have everything you need to make the website feature-rich and user-friendly. They are suitable for experienced owners of schools, universities, and colleges who want to upgrade their educational institution and take it to a new, digital level. It is also the best option for newly opened schools to attract students and make themselves known.

What if you are an educator and provide private online lessons? The e-learning theme WordPress serves as a great base for your web page, where you place information about classes and prices, testimonials, portfolios, a contact form, and even an online chat for communication!

Another good news is that themes are suitable even for beginners in IT. They are designed so that their use and editing do not require IT skills.

Therefore, if you are one of the listed companies, then do not hesitate and start choosing the best solution:

  • online school, college, university;
  • remote training courses;
  • language school;
  • coach;

TemplateMonster – one of the most reliable marketplaces of e-learning themes WordPress

In conclusion, WordPress templates for online learning are the best solution for a profitable business. However, first of all, you need to choose a reliable marketplace to find a perfect layout and be sure of your decision. Pay attention to TemplateMonster. This team has been at the forefront of the market for many years, so rest assured you will find the perfect fit for you. Keep your wishes in mind and start choosing the best template!


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