In some Indian states, when Covid-19 cases peak, they warn of vaccine shortages.

India reported a record 115,736 new Covid-19 cases on Wednesday. This has increased 13-fold in just over two months, putting pressure on the government to expand its vaccination campaign.

On April 7, relatives of Covid-19 victims are praying before the cremation at the Niganboard Gut crematorium in New Delhi, India.
Photo: 2021 Anadolu Agency

In some states, including the hardest hits Maharashtra and Orissa, vaccine shortages during the second wave have complained that some centers are keeping people away.

Currently, in India, the world’s largest vaccine maker, only people over the age of 45 are vaccinated. India launched a campaign with health and other frontline workers in mid-January.

“The vaccination center must be closed early due to lack of supplies,” Maharashtra’s health minister, Rajesh Tope, told reporters.

He said it would run out of stock in three days after more than 450,000 injections daily.

Odisha said nearly half of the vaccination sites were closed due to a shortage and supply was left for only two days.

India’s health minister said complaints from states not governed primarily by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party were attempts to cover up their failures and spread panic.

“Vaccine supply is monitored in real time and the state government is informed about it on a regular basis,” Harsh Vardhan said in a statement.

“The allegations of vaccine shortage are completely unfounded.”

“As long as the supply of vaccines is limited, we have no choice but to prioritize,” he said, in order to request from the state to expand the impetus for vaccination and include more adults.

Healthcare professionals will measure the temperature of passengers arriving at the end of the railroad, subject to restrictions imposed by the state government, as cases of Covid-19 coronavirus increase in Mumbai on April 7, 2021.

Healthcare professionals measure the temperature of passengers arriving at the end of the Mumbai railway, subject to restrictions imposed by the state government as cases of Covid-19 coronavirus increase.
Photo: AFP

Maharashtra has accounted for more than half of India’s daily new cases for several weeks, surpassing 100,000 for the first time on Monday. The government has blamed the resurgence, primarily due to congestion and hesitation in wearing masks when stores and offices reopen.

Western states, Delhi, Punjab, and Karnataka have recently imposed new curbs, including a curfew.

The federal government has refused to impose a national blockade. The one before last year devastated the economy, leaving millions unwritten.

Transmission accelerates

India has recorded 1,280,000 cases, the second highest after the United States and Brazil.

According to Ministry of Health data, Covid-19 deaths increased by 630 to a record high of 166,177 in four days.

Many states have criticized the government for limiting India’s vaccination activities to about 400 million out of 1.35 billion.

So far, 86 million doses have been administered, which is equivalent to 90% of AstraZeneca photographed by the Serum Institute of India. The rest came from the Indian company Bharat Biotech, which is struggling to increase its shot production.

Only the United States and China administered higher doses.

However, as the transmission accelerates, India is competing to boost immunity. 64.5 million doses have already been shipped, but exports of large quantities of vaccines have been delayed.

“We should be the pharmacies of the world,” said a government official who couldn’t be named. “What kind of pharmacy can’t provide vaccines to a small number of people?”


In some Indian states, when Covid-19 cases peak, they warn of vaccine shortages.

Source link In some Indian states, when Covid-19 cases peak, they warn of vaccine shortages.

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