How to cope up with stress

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How to cope up with stress

Types of stress

Other people might not feel that they were under pressure and regard it as normal until they feel burned out or get sick. We have four categories of stress:

1.     Physical stress

This type of stress involves pain in our body caused by outside trauma such as injury, infection, or surgery. It could also be because of illness and environmental pollution.

2.     Psychological stress

Emotional and cognitive and perceptual stress are forms of psychological stress.

3.     Psychosocial stress

This involves relationship issues such as marital problems or sibling rivalry. Cyberbullying and bullying in school or the office can cause psychological stress as well. Lack of support by loved ones, financial issues, bank issues, death of a loved one, pandemic, and isolation.

4.     Psycho-spiritual stress

Some people experience this type of stress wherein they encounter crises in their beliefs, values, and purpose which sometimes mis-aligns with their spiritual beliefs.

If our stress level reached its peak and we could not manage it properly, it would affect our feelings, mood, and eventually lead us to psychosomatic illness.

If the person continuously experiences stress, it might lead to a drop-off of one’s immune system which makes a person susceptible to various illnesses, infections, and worse, cancer. Emotional stress can jeopardize one’s hormonal imbalance and thus interfere with healthy immune functioning.


The situation usually triggered stress a person is into or the environment itself.


Typically experienced by workers, students, and young people. Pressure to get the target sale, to get better grades and for the young people, the pressure to get the latest gadgets and get into the trend.

Worrying too much

People worry just about everything-life, work, family, and the future.

Changes and responsibilities

A sudden change of the situation in life like a change of school, marriage life, pregnancy, having a baby. Pandemic-related stress like working from home, studying from home, lack of interaction with other people.


Loss of control of the situation

This includes the loss of a loved one, marital issues, relationship breakup, or loss of a job.


How to deal with pressure

Counselors advise A variety of steps to cope up with stress. It may not be avoided but it can help us deal with it without harming us.

Ø Check what causes your stress

Knowing your trigger can help you manage it and thus discipline your approach from it.

Ø Manage your time

You might need to adjust your time for you to meet your balance.

Ø Find out the causes

Confronting your issues might help you find a solution to an issue that makes you stressed.

Ø Accept situations you cannot change

Things might go out of hand because we can no longer undo them. We have limits and we cannot always carry the world. Accept it, let it go, and be happy.


Final Insight:

Stress is a challenge that a person faces every day, hence it is even part of our life. It is only how we deal with it that makes the difference .



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