Health Tips: Travel Safely in the Air

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(HealthDay News)-When traveling by plane, a little preparation can help you stay healthy and safe.

The American Academy of Family Physics recommends that:

  • Pack all the medicine you need in your carry-on baggage. Talk to your doctor if you need to change your medication plan while traveling. Pack some extras in case your trip is extended.
  • If you have the following chronic illnesses Epilepsy Or DiabetesPlease carry your ID with your doctor’s contact information and a list of medications.
  • Drink non-alcoholic, no-caffeine Beverage To avoid dehydration..
  • If you tend to have ears pain,take Decongestant Before flying or chewing gum.
  • Stretch your calves frequently and walk around when you are safe.

-Diana Cornle

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Health Tips: Travel Safely in the Air

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