Hard projects bring out the best in Hawkins

T saidThe Bay of Plenty has seen rapid and sustained growth over the years, and Hawkins is proud to have played a key role in establishing the nation’s growth.

Hawkins has been involved as a major contractor at three major projects in Tauranga and Rotorua with 38 Elizabeth (Farmer development), the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Center, and Wai Ariki Spa.

38 Elizabeth, Tauranga

38 Elizabeth is New Zealand’s largest growth outside of England. He was instrumental in the rededication of Tauranga city center with its unique combination of shops, restaurants and accommodation never seen before in the city.

This year we have successfully offered the retail program, including a new Farmer’s business store, which is open to the public. The next steps will include the completion of the restaurant and beverage – available to the public and homeowners – as well as the museums to showcase the premium nature of the buildings in the city has interesting customers. The hotels feature high -end features of the shops for sale, with an amazing view over the city and premium finishes that play to the best of the 38 Elizabeth’s overall development.

Central Regional Manager Brent Fleming said the next level of development – the restaurant and beverage industry, is looking good and is expected to be completed by mid -2022 despite Covid -19’s problems. shown.

“The milestones that have been completed and the expected date to complete the restaurant and beverage are a credit to the hard work the project team has worked so hard to reduce supply line closures. , ”Brent said.

Water Lord Spa, Rotorua

Wai Ariki Spa is a transformation program on the shores of Lake Rotorua. Organized by the Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust, Rotorua’s hero development is organized as a spa and tourism destination in the Southern Hemisphere – rededicating the city’s core values ​​as a health and wellness guide. good with a focus on hospitality.

The project will also create innovations and boost the local economy during the tourist season as the borders begin to reopen for tourists.

Artists impression Wai Ariki Spa

Due to the complexity of the development of Wai Ariki Spa, Hawkins has been involved since the beginning of the project, which was two years before the disbandment, working with the client and the planning team to better understand the budget and budget.

According to Brent, “Wai Ariki Spa is set to breathe life into the spa and wellness industry in Rotorua. The team is well positioned to help the Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust implement this development. ola.

The look of the healthy and well -maintained center is getting off to a good start, with a combination of pre -cast, in situ concrete and steel structures that have built the image of the building.

The complexity of the design of the building, combined with the challenges it has to deal with the waithermal lakes to bring in, and the high level of building services required, led the company to develop the something new that combines these three.

“The initial work and collaboration is one of the biggest innovations for this project,” Brent said.

“We’re first building the hard house in pieces on the ground on the side of the house, ready to be lifted somewhere.”

The solutions developed have also helped to address some of the supply problems facing the entire industry and while ongoing, the project is ready for completion by the end of 2022.

Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Center, Rotorua

The Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Center (SHMPA) will once again be home to Rotorua’s thriving cultural and theater community.

Following a seismic disaster assessment in late 2017, the base site was closed due to safety concerns. Separated as a District 1 historic site and built in 1931, the building was considered a major earthquake with asbestos problems and water retention problems that made the full building uninhabitable.

Photo credit for Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Center, Rotorua

Hawkins was purchased as a major contractor at the start of the project to help plan and mitigate the many problems the beautiful but dreaded building has shown and breathes life into the world. in a historic building without losing its character and splendor.

“The work in the 1930s was really difficult, but we wanted the complexity and the time to redefine a part of New Zealand’s design history,” Brent said.

The Hawkins team is working hard to secure the building so that interior completion can be successful. There has been great success at the existing theater, allowing performances to begin next month. Despite the difficulties we have seen before with the Omicron model affecting New Zealand, the project is expected to be completed by 2022.

Brent said that while Covid-19 has a dramatic impact not only on our program but on our people, these hard work will bring out the best in us.

“I am very proud that the Hawkins team has changed the country in an ever -changing way and continues to focus on achieving the best possible outcomes for each project.”

Reaching these milestones is a testament to the agility and resilience of project teams, ”said Brent.

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Hard projects bring out the best in Hawkins

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