[GRTV] AIA offers life insurance plans

AIA has announced three start -up projects in the market with the aim of growing New Zealanders.

Friday, May 13th 2022, 12:50 PM

In a move to draw attention from advisers, AIA has launched three digital start -up programs that are intended to take the Kiwis up the ‘ladder of protection’.

The three combined programs – AIA Healthy Starter, AIA Starter Life and AIA Starter Life Plus – are designed for New Zealanders looking for basic, affordable and quality insurance, provided through a digital solution. clean.

General Manager Sam Tremethick said Good return TV The move is not a threat to counselors, but it is an addition.

He believes that when these people need more insurance, they will be given it to counsel. In addition, the guidelines are simple and if there are areas where counseling is needed, applicants will be provided with counseling.

He said a group of AIA advisers would also guide the people.

AIA chief executive Nick Stanhope said the new business market has been declining since its rise in 2017.

“The 2021 FSC NZ report showed an $ 80 million annual reduction in new employment since then, showing around 50,000 Kiwis are now without insurance coverage.”

“The AIA Starter Plans are designed to help New Zealanders start their insurance journey by providing affordable and affordable insurance coverage.

“By providing only these three new digital ideas, we believe AIA can help Kiwis be better managed. As these customers change, we give them the option to see to a counselor.the nation’s greatest defensive valley.

According to Tremethick, the new gift is more about certifying people than earning money because the higher fee the owner has to pay is $ 300 a year.

Due to this low number it is only a digital gift.

Stanhope hopes the AIA Starter Plans will implement a comprehensive counseling approach, by providing those looking for basic and cost -effective options with first -hand insurance.

“As our AIA Starter needs to adapt to customer change and become more difficult over time, we hope to turn these customers into reliable advice that can provide the right. special coverage and customized instructions. “

Stanhope also said that AIA will advise consumers to consult when a dialogue is required in the nature of the sales process.

“If Plans are not eligible or the customer is not eligible for coverage (they must be new customers), we will provide these customers with advice to better understand their personal needs, and Seek alternative insurance policies that are appropriate for their situation. ”

According to AIA research, the projects will be “a great and rewarding gift for young businesses, professionals and those starting out with families.”

“Our research shows that these groups have historically not been involved with traditional insurance methods. We have seen that the cost of living is going up, but we believe consumers have had enough money for that. with this month they will be able to offer these superior programs that provide basic life, insurance and mortgage protection with an optional combination of Specialist and Diagnostic Testing for medical conditions. ”

To make sure there is something in the plans for new Vitality Starter customers it has been added.

“The inclusion of AIA Vitality Starter is the‘ beauty in the crown ’of our AIA Starter Plans,” said Stanhope. “Supporting good health and well -being with Active Rewards each week, the AIA Vitality launch program will also have access to much -sought -after benefits such as the Apple Watch benefit. and a Les Mills Gym membership fee, which is targeting our market.

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[GRTV] AIA offers life insurance plans

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