Green up investment: Sugi launches offset feature

Sugi has announced a new offset feature that will allow UK retail investors to offset the impact of their investment on carbon for the first time.

UK retail investors can offset their impact on carbon

Green fintech Sugi has launched a feature that allows users to offset the impact of their investment on carbon.

The first new feature for UK retail investors allows users to offset the amount directly related to the impact of their investment. Users can control the amount of offset by targeting a particular investment or offsetting the entire portfolio, as well as by tracking the offset history.

Investing only in low-carbon companies is not always possible or desirable, and many companies are on the long-term path to reducing carbon emissions. Sugi’s new capabilities enable investors to take proactive climate change measures today while maintaining a diverse portfolio.

A more environmentally friendly choice for individual investors

Since its launch, the app has been building offerings to allow retail investors to make more environmentally friendly choices. Initially, investors could see the impact on their carbon holdings and compare them to similar investments, but the app will be released in March, allowing users to monitor the global warming potential of their portfolio. I did it. This is the first time for a UK retail investor.

New partnership with Ecosphere +

FinTech has partnered with Ecosphere + to provide verified carbon credits generated by forest conservation projects. Credits are certified by Vera’s verified carbon standards, the world’s most widely used voluntary greenhouse gas certification program, reducing emissions and making the underlying project a lasting climatic. It shows that it will bring benefits. These credits are also validated by climate, community and biodiversity standards. This standard demonstrates the benefits of a wide range of projects beyond emission reductions, especially biodiversity conservation and community empowerment.

Sugi plans to introduce some additional features and metrics this year.

Josh Gregory, CEO and Founder of Sugi, commented: “We recognize that there are several legitimate reasons for investors to own a high carbon industry, which allows investors to rebalance their impact through new offsetting features.

“Off-hooking in any position does not leave the company off-hook. Companies still have the pressure to decarbonize their businesses and value chains, but investors now need it, if needed. Climate change can be addressed. This is just one of many features we are planning to make it easier for everyday investors to engage in more environmentally friendly investments. “

Ecosphere + CEO Lisa Walker commented: “We are excited to partner with Sugi to enable more environmentally friendly personal investment in the UK. A recent IPCC report reveals the true seriousness of the climate and biodiversity crisis in the UK. Individual investors are increasingly looking for ways to take immediate action on their way to Net Zero. Therefore, Sugi’s timely capabilities are well suited to have a significant impact on climate and nature. We are pleased to be part of this journey with Sugi to gain a new funding channel for our leading carbon project. “

Green up investment: Sugi launches offset feature

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