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Enterovirus Found in many Chronic fatigue syndrome Those who are suffering

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September 13, 2007-Group virus It is also known to cause respiratory and intestinal infections Chronic fatigue syndrome (((CFS).

In a newly published study, 4 out of 5 CFS patients showed chronic evidence Enterovirus Infection by gastric tissue biopsy compared to 1 in 5 healthy people.

Enteroviruses are very common and cold According to the CDC, the virus is the most common viral infection in humans. Most people infected with enterovirus have no symptoms at all.

Dr. John Chia, MD, an infectious disease specialist in California, says his findings point to chronic viral infections as a possible cause of chronicity.
Malaise Syndrome in the majority of patients.

However, many years of CFS researchers have stated that complex disorders are unlikely to be explained so easily.

Despite extensive research, Dr. James Jones of the CDC’s Chronic Viral Diseases Division found that active infectious pathogens Chronic fatigue syndrome established.

“It’s a disease of many different causes, and the symptoms are similar to infections, so it’s a big leap to speculate that the cause is due to an infection,” Jones told WebMD.

2.5% of Americans have CFS

Earlier this summer, CDC researchers reported chronic prevalence
Malaise The syndrome may be 6 to 10 times higher in the United States than previously believed.

The main symptoms of the disease are severe Malaise -I’m not relieved to rest-It lasts for at least 6 months.But patients often have muscles Joint pain, Memory and Concentration problem,
depression, sleepy problem, headache, sore throat, Swelling of lymph nodes, And / or gastrointestinal problems.

Chia, a practitioner of medicine in Torrance, California, says she has begun her research
Chronic fatigue The syndrome shortly after his son Andrew became ill in this condition in 1997 at the age of 14.

“It took me a year to find out what he had,” he says.

Early efforts to find the cause of CFS with a focus on viruses.Jones was one of the first to suggest a chronic infection with the causative virus.
Mononucleosis, NS Epstein-Barr virus, May explain the illness.

However, no persistent evidence of Epstein-Barr or other viruses was found in the blood of CFS patients, leading most researchers, including Jones, to look elsewhere.

Lack of diagnostic tests Chronic fatigue The syndrome has also led many to dismiss it as a fictitious disorder, but recent studies by the CDC and others have proved that it is real and common.

Other conditions lead to CFS

In a previous study, Chia reported finding evidence of chronic infection in the muscles of CFS patients.

In a new study, he looked for similar evidence in gastric tissue taken from a CFS patient who had a diagnostic procedure known as. endoscopy, Insert a long tube with a camera into the stomach through the mouth and perform a tissue biopsy.

Specimens from 165 CFS patients and 34 non-disabled patients were tested, and Chia found evidence of possible chronic infection in 82% of CFS patients and 20% of healthy patients.

The findings need to be verified, but Chia has the potential for chronic infection. Enterovirus Chronic fatigue syndrome.

“Even if you find a chronic infection in your stomach, your brain, muscles, or heart, It opens a new direction in the study of this elusive disease, “he wrote in his latest online version. Journal of Clinical Pathology..

Specifically, endoscopy is a relatively simple test to confirm the persistence of enterovirus infection in CFS patients and can prove to be a way to track the response to antiviral treatment. He states that he has sex.

Chronic fatigue Kimberly McClaryy, president of the American Association for Immune Disorder Syndrome, said CFS turned out to be a much more complex illness than anyone could have predicted.

“It’s unlikely that you’ll find just one bug that describes every case of CFS,” she says.

She points out that a recent study in Australia found that three very different infections cause CFS-like conditions in 12% of cases.

“With infectious pathogens [body’s]The response to that agent acts as a trigger, “she says.

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Gastric virus can cause CFS

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