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The HD has only found five placements so far, but that’s because it just arrived.

But despite these rigs being the epitome of “gas guzzlers” — with a manufacturer-quoted fuel economy of 12.3 liters in gasoline and not counting the diesel (although it has a larger fuel tank, 136 liters versus 91) — Taylor says that in principle all models are subject to waiting times.

He further states that this is a niche market in good health. Chevrolet and its only rival at the moment, RAM – which, with 2500 and 3500 models added, will be the same size and equipped price – together account for between 60 and 70 units per month.

There is more to growth for both, he believes, but how much depends on whether other rivals show. At the top of the watch list is a gigantic tray deck of China’s Great Wall Motors, announced a year ago but still up front with the steering wheel on the right.

The potential that Toyota and Ford would still consider considering right-hand drive converters for their respective Tundra and F-150 models seems less likely, but cannot be ruled out.

“We’ve heard rumors of other competitors looking to launch large pickup SUVs, but because this market is still in its infancy, we don’t know how big it could be,” said Taylor.

‘It’s a gamble. In 12 months I could be completely wrong about what I’m predicting. But we expect that (demand) will continue to rise, regardless of what the fuel costs turn out to be.”

The next blow that the big loggers will feel is the punishment that the government will impose on vehicles with high CO2 emissions from April 1.

Utility vehicles are public enemy No. 1 with the Clean Car carbon tax and none sold in NZ seem to escape a fine, let alone the 5.9-foot-long, 2.5-ton American behemoths. They fall into the category with the highest penalty.

Taylor, whose only other product in this market is the C8 Corvette sports car that is so limited in volume that less than three dozen will reach New Zealand by the end of the year, has given no clue as to the impact of emissions penalties on the economy. overall purchase of the car. trends.

However, he says that when Clean Car was announced last June, feedback from Silverado customers was that they didn’t mind paying the tax, but were less enthusiastic about imposing “subsidy of electric vehicles in Wellington.” and Auckland”.

As for last week’s big spike in pump prices? “We haven’t had any customer feedback yet.”

GM in the US has announced an electric Silverado, on a platform shared by a battery-pure off-roader that revives the Hummer brand, but there’s no word on when, or even if, these will ship with the steering wheel. on the right, Taylor says. “Right now it’s all about V8,”

What affects Silverado’s order process is that it’s hardly a factory affair.

The units must be purchased off the assembly line – in the United States or Mexico – and then shipped to Australia.

They arrived at a custom facility in Melbourne where they are disassembled and rebuilt, a process that provides all required RHD specific equipment and custom or redesigned parts.

Entry and exit from Australia is via a warehouse. Vehicles arriving in NZ take a little longer to reach customers if they are in the South Island.

Fuel increase shrug by Silverado believers – Motoringnz

Source link Fuel increase shrug by Silverado believers – Motoringnz

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