Fresh blood as good as old blood for preterm blood transfusions: research

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Monday, October 8 (HealthDay News)-If Premature Baby Blood transfusions are needed, and old blood looks as good as “fresh” blood, Canadian researchers report.

The researchers found no difference in the results between the two, either in the case of complications or death. Fresh blood is stored within a week. Blood is usually stored and used for more than a month.

“Current blood transfusion [guidelines] It shouldn’t change for newborns, “said Dean Ferguson, a senior researcher at the Ottawa Hospital Institute.

Recently, there has been pressure to use only fresh blood Newborn baby Blood transfusions “it is primarily based on volatile data from less robust studies. We show that there is no difference between the way things are usually done and the fresh-only group. We did a clinical trial, “he explained.

People think “fresh is better,” Ferguson said.This assumption was based on what appeared to be worse Red blood cells As he ages, he explains that he is unable to deliver enough oxygen to the cells of the body.

“What will happen … Red blood cells As soon as the blood is transfused, it revives and supplies oxygen, “he said.

Ferguson was surprised at the result. “I started thinking that it would be better to be fresh,” he said.

These results should be reassuring for patients and doctors, especially blood banks, Ferguson said.

“We are currently shelving blood for 35 to 42 days,” he said. “If the system has to be changed to less than 7 days, the number of donors will go through the roof and the waste will go through the roof.”

Ferguson said he hopes the discovery will continue to be supported. Clinical trial With cardiac surgery patients cancer Patients and elderly patients whose use of older blood is also controversial.

The report was published online on October 8th. Journal of American Medical AssociationAt the same time as the AABB (formerly the American Blood Banking Association) Annual Meeting in Chicago.

To find out if transfusion of fresh blood is better than old blood, Ferguson’s team needs about 380 transfusions to receive blood stored within a week or blood stored for more than two weeks. Human underweight premature babies were randomly assigned.

Among these babies, researchers searched for major illnesses and deaths.

They found that nearly 200 babies had major illnesses or died. Of these, 99 belonged to the group that received fresh blood and 100 belonged to the group that received older blood.

Specifically, there were 146 infections in the fresh blood-fed group and the same number in the older blood-fed group. These similarities relate to confirmed infections and were also found in the proportion of bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

Complications due to the following infectious diseases pneumonia, Meningitis When Osteomyelitis, Bone or bone marrow inflammation was also similar between the groups, they said.

One expert agreed that there was no need to change the current blood donation system, but added that the study did not explicitly answer questions about the benefits of fresh and old blood.

The current standard treatment for babies is to use blood less than 28 days old, Newborn baby Intensive care unit at Miami Children’s Hospital.

“Most of the babies in the standard group were transfused with blood that wasn’t that old-14 days on average,” Cruz said. “It weakens the conclusion a bit. It is still debated whether there are benefits to using fresh blood over old blood.”

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Fresh blood as good as old blood for preterm blood transfusions: research

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