Former Heather Mills of Sir Paul McCartney marries boyfriend Mike Dickman

Former Sir Paul McCartney Heather Mills “Marries Young Boyfriend Mike Dickman” (Photo: Getty / Camera Press)

Sir Paul McCartney’s ex-wife Heather Mills is reportedly planning to marry again after exchanging a commitment ring with her young boyfriend Mike Dickman.

Although not officially engaged, Heather, 53, and Mike, 36, are said to have given each other a ring as a symbol of their desire to get married.

The pair is believed to have had a romantic exchange after their September vacation to Portugal, and sources have revealed that the pair they have been dating for 18 months is “incredibly happy.”

The insider told the sun:’Heather and Mike are incredibly happy. It’s great to see a smile on her face again after a few years of turbulence. “

“They are completely in love. Heather told his companions that he was the love of her life, but on his side, Mike loves her and is completely devoted,” they said. I added.

“Heather is incredibly young and makes friends with all his peers. Their 17-year-old age difference doesn’t really matter.”

Heather Mills with partner Mike Dickman at The European Diversity Awards at the Landmark Hotel in London on November 14, 2019

Heather and Mike – her 17-year-old junior – have been dating for 18 months (Photo: Camera Press)

Heather and film producer Mike are believed to have met first on the train, and Heather contacted Mike by writing down his contact details and saying “hot.”

Former Dancing on Ice contestants have not yet reported that she and Mike (who were seen showing a commitment ring on their wedding fingers on social media) are planning to marry. I’m not working on it.

She was last seen on Instagram celebrating her 53rd birthday on a business trip to Dubai. Heather, who poses with a cake, writes: What else can I ask for vegan wine and cake for my 53rd birthday .. 🎂✨❤️🌱.

“It’s great to promote a plant base in Dubai and maintain employment in the UK in manufacturing 💪🏻🌱. I’m really proud to finally achieve sustainable vegan products at Spinney’s / Waitrose. I am very grateful for the help from my devoted team, it wouldn’t have happened without you 🌟❤️.

“Send my love to everyone and keep them safe 🎂✨🌱 Lots of love, Heather.”

Heather was previously married to The Beatles star and music icon Sir Paul. Paul is married to his daughter Beatrice.

The pair married in 2002, but split four years later in 2006, the divorce was confirmed in February 2008, and Heather received a £ 24.3 million settlement.

Heather talked about her marriage to Sir Paul in 2015 and their fierce division, telling the Guardians: Say anything, and it had a lot to do with the person I got married to.

Metro.co.uk is seeking comments from Heather representatives.

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Former Heather Mills of Sir Paul McCartney marries boyfriend Mike Dickman

Source link Former Heather Mills of Sir Paul McCartney marries boyfriend Mike Dickman

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