Find joy in your drive with Waze’s new headspace experience

Waze, the world’s largest community-based transportation and navigation app, has partnered with Headspace, a world leader in mindfulness and meditation, to help drivers discover the joy of traveling, enhance their presence and mood while driving. We help you reach your good destination.

This partnership combines Waze’s mission to completely end traffic with Headspace’s mission to improve global health and well-being. Drivers who activate the Headspace experience in Waze will learn how to create more fun and meaningful drives using custom navigation prompts from Headspace’s mindfulness teacher and meditation director Eve Lewis Prieto.

The headspace experience at Waze includes a selection of five new moods (Aware, Bright, Hopeful, Joyful and Open) to help drivers develop a positive mindset when going out on the road. You can also stream custom Spotify playlists from Headspace or replace the car icon in the app with a hot-air balloon to move to Cloud Nine for your drivers to enjoy their trip.

Erin Bellsey, Head of Brand Program at Waze, said: “And when we’re not distracted from the road, traffic affects our mood, stress levels, and physical and mental health. But we turn our consciousness into a journey. What if we take the opportunity to thank you for being at that moment? We partner with Headspace to remind you that the driver is always present and aware when you’re in the car, and drive itself. I’m very excited to turn it into a more meaningful experience with. By activating, the driver feels ready to go to the grocery store, gym, work, or where Waze brought to the destination. You can arrive at! “

“Many people are looking forward to adapting to new school and work habits. We know that commuting itself, especially traffic, can weaken our positive atmosphere and even adversely affect our mental health. I know, “said Morgan. Selzer, Vice President of Content for Headspace. “As we strive to improve the health and well-being of the world, partnering with Waze to provide fun mindfulness techniques that help consumers spend a lot of time and discover the joy of traveling. I’m excited about it. “

Find joy in your drive with Waze’s new headspace experience

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