Final Victims of Florida Condo Collapse Identified by Relatives | Miami Condo Collapse

The last victim of the collapse of the condominium Florida One relative said on Monday that more than a month had passed since the midnight catastrophe that eventually killed 98 people.

An extroverted 54-year-old Estelle Hedaya, who loves to travel, was the last identified victim and ended what her relatives described as a four-week painful wait.

Her younger brother, Ikey Hedaya, confirmed her identity to the Associated Press. The news arrives days after the rescue team officially completes the painstaking and emotionally heavy task of removing layers of dangerous debris and pulling out dozens of bodies.

“She always referred to God whenever she was suffering from something,” he said. “She had reached a different level mentally, so she was able to perform well in all other areas.”

Her brother said he was drawing power from God, as he saw his sister do so in difficult times. A funeral was scheduled for Tuesday.

The site of the June 24 collapse at the seaside Champlain Towers South was cleaned almost flat and the rubble was moved to a warehouse in Miami. Forensic scientists are still working, including examining debris in the warehouse, but authorities said no more bodies were found where the building once stood.

In the end, according to Fire Chief Alan Kominsky, the crew found no evidence that those who were found dead survived the first collapse.

The search team spent weeks fighting the dangers of rubble, including the unstable parts of the building wobbling above, recurring fires, and Florida’s breathtaking summer heat and thunderstorms. They passed through over 14,000 tons of broken concrete and rebar and finally declared the mission complete.

The Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Team’s urban search and rescue team withdrew from the scene on Friday with a convoy of fire trucks and other vehicles and slowly drove to headquarters. In honor of their courage, the fire chief said he worked in a 12-hour shift while they were camping on the scene and also dealing with heavy emotional burdens.

Esther Hedaya. Photo: AP

Linda March, a 58-year-old lawyer and former New Yorker companion, was a close friend of Hedaya. Curiously, the two were one of the last three victims identified, along with Canada’s 24-year-old Anastasia Gromova.

Leah Sutton, who knew Hedaya from birth and thought she was her second mother, said she and March were both “respected powers.”

“My two beautiful and amazing fearless friends who were saved last must believe that they had a reason to be last,” she said on Monday. “Esterle’s love for God was incredibly unwavering.”

The dead were members of the region’s large Orthodox Jewish community, Paraguay’s first female sister, her family and her nanny, and a local salesman, his wife and two young daughters, 4 It included a whole family of four, including one and eleven. People buried in the same casket.

On the other hand, it is unknown what will happen at the site of the collapse. The judge, who presides over several proceedings filed in the aftermath of the collapse, wants the property to be sold at market prices, which will bring an estimated $ 100 million or more. Some owners of the condominium want to rebuild it, while others say they should build a monument to commemorate the dead.

Final Victims of Florida Condo Collapse Identified by Relatives | Miami Condo Collapse

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