Experimental drug indicates possible schizophrenia

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Thursday, April 16, 2020 (HealthDay News)-Experimental drug, schizophreniaEarly clinical trials suggest, without the side effects of existing drugs.

For over a month, researchers have discovered that the drug can help manage different methods. schizophrenia Manifest-from Delusion And Hallucinations, Flatten emotions and withdraw from society.

Of the 120 patients who took the drug, 65% responded by week 4. It was compared to 44% of patients who received placebo.

The drug, called SEP-363856, also seemed to avoid the side effects common to standard antipsychotics.

Experts said the findings released on April 16 New England Journal of Medicine, Leads to new treatment options.

I have a laundry list of antipsychotics schizophrenia, They are decades ago.And for millions of people around the world Mental illness, There are still significant “unmet medical needs”, said research author Kenneth Cobran.

He is the Chief Scientific Officer of Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, which develops SEP-363856 in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

One of the problems with existing drugs, according to Cobran, is that side effects can make it difficult to comply with medication.

Old “first generation” Drug Can cause movement disorders similar to those found in Parkinson’s disease Disease- trembling, Joint stiffness And adjustment issues.Relatively new second-generation antipsychotics are unlikely to cause these side effects, but can be spurred. Weight gain And Hyperglycemia And Cholesterol level..

Beyond that, existing drugs only deal with one group Symptoms of schizophreniaHallucinations, Delusion A confusing idea that doctors call “positive” symptoms. (In this case, “positive” means that it exists.)

The· Drug Dr. Donald Goff, a professor of psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine in New York City, said that about 70% of patients work well for positive symptoms.

But, according to Goff, they do not relieve “negative” symptoms. Plague People with schizophrenia.. “Negative” refers to what is lost, and symptoms include emotional flattening, difficulty feeling joy, and withdrawal from others.

In this short-term study, SEP-363856 alleviated both positive and negative symptoms.

“What impresses me is the effectiveness against negative symptoms,” Cobran said.

Goff, who wrote the editorial published with the study, agreed that the first result was “very encouraging.”

“This may help with symptoms that are not improved by current medications and may not have the same side effects,” he said.

According to Cobran, it’s not entirely clear how the drug works, but it works by a different mechanism than current antipsychotics.

Many of these drugs, according to Goff, all work the same by blocking a receptor on brain cells called D2 that interacts with chemicals. Dopamine.. Blocking D2 can reduce the symptoms of psychosis, but it also causes the most annoying side effects of the drug.

In contrast, the experimental drug leaves D2 intact. Instead, it stimulates another brain receptor called TAAR1.Its receptors help regulate Dopamine transmission.

Dr. Ken Duckworth is the Medical Director of the National Alliance. Mental illness.. “I’m happy to see them investing in drugs with a new mechanism of action, and I’m cautiously optimistic about it,” he said.

This was a short trial, so I said carefully. There were no significant side effects, but Duckworth said it could take some time for those problems to appear.

245 people were involved in the trial schizophrenia Patients between the ages of 18 and 40, all with an early course of illness. About half were randomly assigned, taking SEP-363856 capsules once daily and the rest with placebo capsules.

One month later, almost two-thirds of patients taking this drug responded. This means that the score on the standard scale of symptoms has improved by at least 20%.

All patients then had the option of participating in a 6-month extended trial in which the drug was given to everyone. Overall, effectiveness was maintained, Coblanc said.

A large-scale trial of this drug is underway. If it proves safe and effective, Goff said there is a future question of whether it can help people who have not responded to standard antipsychotics.

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Source: Dr. Kenneth Cobran, Chief Scientific Officer, Sanovion Pharmaceuticals, Marlborough, Massachusetts. Dr. Donald Goff, Professor of Psychiatry, New York University School of Medicine. Ken Duckworth, MD, Medical Director of the National Federation of Mental Illness Families in Arlington, Virginia. April 16, 2020, New England Journal of Medicine

Experimental drug indicates possible schizophrenia

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