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Exness Is The New Forex Expert 

The foreign exchange market is booming these days. Almost everyone is aware and excited about trading foreign currencies at their disposal. However, foreign trade is not as simple as people perceive and might include risks and fraud. But there are a few top trading brands that ensure smooth foreign transactions with complete security. Exness is one such trading brand that is top-rated and leading the world in today’s scenario. It has many advantages over other trading platforms that one can not neglect. Hence, it has a record of serving 72,721 active traders, with more than 80,000 active traders to date. Something of such importance must have unique qualities. We shall focus entirely on those aspects related to this trading brand.

Is Exness trustworthy?

Safety is a big concern when it comes to using money in trades. The reason behind it is the fraudulent behavior and scam actions of some trading sites that put one’s assets in danger. But exness goes beyond such treacherous acts. It is a trustworthy trading software based in South Africa, holding authorized licenses and certifications by recognized companies. Exness is under authorization from multiple bodies such as FSCA in South Africa, FSP number 51024, CBCS in Curaçao, SFSA in Seychelles, BVIFSC, and FSC Mauritius. Apart from licenses and certifications, it maintains a balance between client funds and corporate funds. Besides, to add to its glory, Deloitte being its external auditor, verifies its financial statements. So any trader can open an account with exness, having cleared all the trust issues.


Who are its regulators?

Exness has two regulatory bodies in its business-to-business division. It gets support from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The diversity in its structure proves to be beneficial for its customers in regard to financial service, investment strategies, and corporate solutions.

How is customer support?

The trading brand has many profound benefits for foreign exchanges, but the excellence in its customer support service tops the list. The customer helpline or inquiry numbers are available 24×7, with the executives happy to help anytime and anywhere. It functions in thirteen different languages and has diverse reach-out options. If the traders face any technical issues or transaction failures, they can contact the executives via email or phone. Live chat facility on WhatsApp and Viber is also available on the platform. Hence, advanced customer support engages consumer satisfaction, making it one of the best trading brands across the world.

Is it suitable for Forex trading?

Exness is the best for Forex trading as it broadly covers the market with 107 forex pairs. The Forex traders find no other destination as beneficial as this to carry out foreign exchanges. It provides diverse selection options for Forex trading with twelve commodities and seven cryptocurrencies. Apart from Forex pairs, it also has 40 equity and index CFDs. However, it harbors a limited number of stocks for equity traders who might find it unsuitable.

How to open an account with Exness?

Opening an account in Exness must be confusing for beginners. However, here is the detailed procedure to open an account that must come in handy for the traders.

  • Registration: the first and foremost step is to register with the broker. The registration process is easy. It needs the traders to enter a valid email address, residence country, and a strong password.
  • Verification: this step verifies the traders based on their residential documents and ID proof. After the verification process, the traders can select the trading account they need to open in the Exness dashboard.
  • Trading: after the registration and verification process, the traders can use various deposits and withdrawal options and go on trading.

Before choosing an account, the traders can go through the transaction options, bonuses, trading sites, and various features available. However, the traders belonging from the USA, Vatican City, American Samoa, Syria, Israel, North Korea, or Puerto Rico can not open an account on this trading platform.

To conclude, Exness has a lot to offer to traders looking forward to foreign exchanges, from which Forex traders can benefit the most. Hence, when it comes to experience safe and secure foreign trades, this trading brand must be the top priority.


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