Even toddlers can have breathing problems during sleep

Wednesday, July 21, 2021 (HealthDay News)

It is important for parents to know when their child has Breathing Problems inside sleep And to seek medical help, experts say.

“During sleep, Muscles that maintain the upper part Airway Tightly relax, as a result Airway Can narrow and cause snore, Snorting, or in severe cases, the airways are completely obstructed. ” sleep Researcher at the University of South Australia.

Known as sleep-Disorder Breathing, This can lead to daytime sleepiness, hypersensitivity, Hyperactivity And he said he was poorly alert and could affect his grades at school.

The long-term effects are not well understood, but studies suggest that sleep apnea may also be impaired, he said. heart And metabolic health.

“Sleep apnea is rarely diagnosed in the community,” he said in a college news release. “Parents can play an important role in the diagnostic process by paying attention to common symptoms, including strenuous breathing. snorePant, or snort, hold your breath completely, and then share that information with your child’s doctor. “

Lushington’s team investigated the parents of more than 1,600 children in South Australia and found that almost all people with symptoms in South Australia consider apnea to be a problem. Almost two-thirds of parents saw snorting and gasping as a problem.

About half snore As a problem, and the third considered breathing hard snore problem.

However, most parents do not share these concerns with their child’s health care providers, the study found.

“We need to educate our parents more about the symptoms of sleep apnea, but there are clearly other barriers to parenting, especially if snoring and strenuous breathing are potential causes of concern. Sleeping disorder In a medical consultation. “

“To address this, doctors are advised to deliberately include sleep questions in their consultations to encourage parents to discuss symptoms that may have been seen in their child at night. I will, “he added.

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American Academy Pediatrics There are details Sleep apnea..

Source: University of South Australia, News Release, July 19, 2021

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Even toddlers can have breathing problems during sleep

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