Duff spends 63 years on insurance career

On January 15, 1958, Warren Duff joined Dunedin’s National Insurance Company, starting a 63-year career in the insurance industry.

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Matthew Martin

Warren Duff is 80 years old this year.

“About five years later, the company opened a branch and was anxious for staff, so National promoted me to Rotorua. They were a long day and not something I enjoyed. After reassessing that I was there, I called Owen Longhurst. Manager of Colonial Mutual Life. “

According to Longhurst, Duff was probably too young to sell life insurance at the age of 25, but was ready to let go of him.

“I was desperate for the first few months because I didn’t know what I was doing. After that, CML invited me to a course in Wellington, where I met Raymond Benedict Cleeve.

“Ray is a big writer and he talked with me about many guidelines I can understand. One is to call on all those with” provided “houses, such as teachers, agricultural workers, railroad workers, etc. Was to provide a cover to secure the house. Potential widow. “

So Duff decided to call the workers in Tūrangi, where the dam was being built.

“I couldn’t keep up with the business because the life compensation deducted from my wages was so popular … I completed 17 sales in two days in one trip.”

After 17 years of management, he decided it was time to return to the road, and Duff founded a securities firm, Hawke’s Bay Insurance Company.

“One day, a young man called the office to insure his boat.

“He accepted my quote and I asked him for a profession. He was a farm manager at a big station in the bay. I pointed out his exposure and he decided to cover his life. I agreed and paid a premium deposit of $ 40.

“One hour later he died. He turned to avoid hitting people at the pedestrian crossing and was killed by hitting a streetlight pole. I still had a suggestion on my desk.

“The colonial paid the bill. The widow was able to buy a house she didn’t know was on her husband’s property. This policy was valid for an hour, for example.”

According to Duff’s records, he processed 179 death claims, but more claims could occur as clients occasionally move to other parts of the country.

“My retired Colonial manager said my claim was over $ 1 billion due to death, maturity funds, old-age pension payments, and surrender.

“I don’t know the details of all these claims, but I’m happy to have contributed to the welfare of many.”

In his later years, Duff spent more time on fire and non-life insurance.

Over the years, Duff has received 29 in-house, national and international awards for production, production quality and sustainability.

For Duff, the latest changes in regulation were enough for him to cut his boots and call it a day.

“They seem to have been charged with eradication without problems. They don’t want their agreed bar to retire on March 31 after 63 years of business interruption.

“The current state of the country without money at home is due to years of interference from people who do not understand the savings business.”

But overall, Duff says he has had a great life in the insurance world.

“As a factory for ballpoint pens, we have no inventory to manage and enter the business that thousands of people see.

“63 years in one profession is something you can write on your resume. I doubt if this will be equal, but this story may encourage comment.”

For more information on Warren Duff’s life in the industry, see the next edition of ASSET Magazine.

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Duff spends 63 years on insurance career

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