Drink water before meals to lose weight?

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August 28, 2015-Drinking about 16 ounces of water 30 minutes before meals will help Weight loss for obesity Adults, new research suggests.

The results of smaller studies need to be confirmed in larger trials, says researchers at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

The research team hired 84 people obesity Adult volunteers by doctors.

Everyone was consulted on weight management to cover lifestyle changes diet Choices, and other benefits exercise..

The researchers then randomly divided the participants into two groups. They asked a group of 41 volunteers to drink 500 milliliters (about 16 ounces) of water 30 minutes before meals.Sparkling water, carbonated water drinkOr sweet drink Not allowed.

The other 43 participants were advised to imagine being full before eating.

After being followed for 12 weeks and consulted by phone two weeks later, the pre-meal water group lost an average of £ 2.87 more than the group who had imagined fullness.

People who loaded water before all three major meals a day lost an average of £ 9.48. If done only once a day or not at all, an average loss of £ 1.76 was incurred.

Survey results are published in the journal obesity..

“NS beauty One of these findings is simplicity. “You may be able to lose weight by drinking a pint of water three times a day before your main meal,” Dr. Helen Paletti, one of the authors of the study, said in a statement. Stated.With the amount of physical activity [get] For health diet, This seems to help people achieve some extras Weight loss -At a moderate and healthy speed. It doesn’t take much effort to blend in with your busy daily life. “

The research team now wants to continue their research on larger exams with more volunteers.

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Source: Parretti, HM. Obesity, August 2015. University of Birmingham.

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Drink water before meals to lose weight?

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