Dogs are too jealous, even for hidden rivals

April 16, 2021-Sure, your dog loves you and you love them. But do dogs also show some of the negative side effects of deep love, such as jealousy?

Studies published in psychology Say yes. Researchers have found that dogs go to the point of jealousy, even if the owner can only imagine interacting with potential rivals.

Researchers have placed 18 dogs in a situation where their human companions interact with fake dogs and fleece cylinders. The cylinder acted as a control and the fake dog acted as a rival.

The dogs saw a fake dog placed next to their owner. Next, a barrier was installed to prevent real dogs from seeing fake dogs.

When the owner appeared to be stroking a fake dog behind the barrier, the dog pulled the leash hard. When the owner stroked the fleece cylinder, the dog pulled with much less force.

“The study confirms the firm belief of many dog ​​owners. Dogs show jealous behavior when their human peers interact with potential rivals,” said the lead author of the paper. Amalia Bastos of the University of Auckland, New Zealand, said.

In a previous study, 80% of dog owners said that when they turned their attention to other dogs, they showed jealousy, such as barking or pulling on a leash.

According to a new study, dogs are one of the few species that behave as jealous as a human child when a mother shows affection for another child.

“In humans, jealousy is closely associated with self-awareness, which is one of the reasons why animal cognitive researchers are so interested in studying animal jealousy and other secondary emotions.” The study states.

Bartos said it was too early to conclude that dogs are experiencing jealousy like humans, but “even if these happen out of sight, they react to situations where dogs induce jealousy. It is now clear to do. “

According to a 2014 study at the University of California, San Diego, puppies were thrilled when their owners barked, whined, and showed love for stuffed animals designed to sway their tails convincingly.

This jealous streak only surfaced when the owner was escorting the stuffed animal, not when it was occupied by random objects.

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Dogs are too jealous, even for hidden rivals

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