Does the “partnership” model help insurers reach more customers?

“The world of high commissioners for brokers and brokers seems to be changing both in New Zealand and abroad,” Beer commented.

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“What we really want to do is work with companies that want to insure their customers, so that we can build relationships with different partners, and they are one of the value propositions. Insurance products will be available as a department. “

“Then you can focus on the product itself, or whether it’s appropriate for the customer in that particular organization,” he explained. “There is an opportunity for product developers to get involved and create something that is useful to everyone.

“Tower believes it can reach more customers through its partnership model, which was the main reason the CEO brought me to run Tower’s new partnership division.”

According to Beale, this model isn’t common in New Zealand today, but Tower’s new digital capabilities will allow it to create more “niche” products that are unique to a particular customer base. Mediation channel.

“Tower has its own platform, a digital focus and more sources of data, which reduces the number of questions that customers need to ask,” Beale said.

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“This makes things easy for everyone, including brokers.”

“Our model is very different from other strategies found in New Zealand, but when we go abroad, especially in the UK, we see that this partnership model is really growing among insurers,” he said. Added.

“We have new partners to announce soon. The products we offer through them really extend our reach and we are really excited.”

Does the “partnership” model help insurers reach more customers?

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