Different Ways You Can Use Rugs For Your Boho Dream Wedding

If a boho-inspired wedding is what you’re looking for and we’re going to share our top suggestions on how to make use of a rug to add a boho-inspired flair to your special day. It doesn’t matter if it’s to decorate your ceremony aisle or to just create comfortable chill spaces Rugs can help create the perfect backdrop for one of the most memorable occasions in your lifetime! Here are 5 ways you can make use of a rug for your wedding day to

Walk Down A Rug Aisle: Using Runners

If you’re not getting a wedding in the church, but you’d like to stroll down the aisle, there are times when you have to think of ways to make the walkway for the bride. If you’re outside in an open space and you want to place chairs that are angled and long runners could be the ideal solution to create an aisle. It’s an excellent option too to keep your heels from slipping into the grass! Don’t be afraid to walk down the street barefoot!

Walk Down a Rug Aisle: Layering

The same purpose as the first point, but with a distinct look. It is possible to cleverly arrange several smaller rugs to create an aisle, should you not need a single rug. It’s the best method to create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere to enjoy the day that is ahead. You can use a fashionable hallway rug collection for this space.

Create Seating Zones

There’s no better way to create a relaxing informal, boho, casual environment than with the use of a rug-based seating area. Set a few antique pieces out on the ground and add some seating that is simple on the top. You can add small mattresses at places for guests to relax and chill at the wedding while relishing the decor. Use only mattresses so that you can, later on, move the mattress as per convenience.   It’ll give your guests an area to relax and can also be an excellent location for photos. Rugs will help identify the area as the eating zone particularly if you’re outdoors and would like to create various zones, without barriers or marquees.

The Ultimate Keepsake

Do you desire something unique to keep for the rest of your life to keep you thinking of it whenever you come across it? If you choose to have a Persian rug on the altar and you are married on it and keep it as a souvenir for the first time as a newlywed couple. It is a custom in Persian tradition.

Old or new, having the use of a Persian rug for a wedding ceremony is a beautiful as well as a romantic method to help make your wedding more memorable and provide a keepsake to cherish that will be a reminder of the place where your relationship began.

 Dance Floor

It’s a good one! Spread rugs wherever you would like your dance floor. It’s a fantastic method of bringing people together in a smaller space and also avoiding dance floors feeling unorganized. Of course, you don’t choose to utilize the most expensive rugs on this, since I’m sure there’ll be a few spills everywhere. This is a fantastic method to create a stunning Boho-inspired dancefloor.

More Décor Ideas With Rugs

Creating Aisles

Using boho rugs for your dream wedding aisle is a stylish way to add an eclectic flair to your special day. These rugs can be used as a runner for the aisle, or as a separate seating area. Adding multiple colors and patterns will give your aisle a unique look, while a whitewashed option will make it look more tailored. You can also create different areas of your wedding with these rugs, including a ring bearer’s seat, a bridesmaid’s table, or a bride’s aisle.

Adding A Teepee

Your dream wedding will be truly special if you add a teepee to your boho rugs. Dreamcatchers are sacred charms that offer protection from negative energies. Use a beach-forward dreamcatcher with an intricate lace pattern and feathers, beads, olive branches, and shells. Adding a dreamcatcher to your boho rugs will make it more memorable, especially if your guests can take it home. You can also add a teepee as your wedding night destination.

Adding Agates

Adding agates to boho rugs can add a natural, earthy touch to your wedding. This style is rooted in the idea of celebrating earthly treasures in the highest form. Agate stone place cards can be engraved with your guests’ names in gold calligraphy. These stones also make for excellent escort cards. Place card holders made of reclaimed wood and agate stones stamped with gold numbers are a charming way to display your guests’ names.

Adding Geodes

Adding geodes to boho-woven rugs is a great way to incorporate nature into your wedding décor. The Boho style focuses on connecting with nature and the seasons. Summer brings bright colors, warm weather, and endless outdoor adventures. You can also include these stones in your wedding favors. Here are some ideas to add these beautiful crystals to your boho rugs.


If you’re planning a rustic-inspired wedding, boho rugs are a perfect choice. You can use them for different functions, from creating an aisle to seating and more. They can even be used to create a teepee, which will be a fun touch for your big day.


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