Delve into Zurich’s new gender verification vacation

Rodney Hanrati, Head of Human Resources in Zurich Australia and New Zealand, said: This policy provides the flexibility, support, and time to begin your journey in a personalized way.

“We believe that everyone has the right to be supported in the workplace. This policy recognizes our diverse voices, promotes inclusiveness and impartiality, and gives people a strong sense of belonging. It reflects our commitment to be able to feel. “

The new policy also includes up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave, implementation of individual workplace action plans, access to Zurich’s EAP, and support for employee managers, colleagues and allies.

Zurich has developed a policy that incorporates feedback from the company’s LGBTQ + employee resource group, PrideZ. Evelyn Foong, executive sponsor of PrideZ, said it was a proud day to see the gender affirmation policy come to fruition.

“This policy reflects the value we place in understanding each other’s differences and our commitment to treat each other with caution and respect,” she said.

Zurich has joined many other companies that are leading the way in gender affirmation. Earlier this year, New Zealand supermarket giant Countdown announced that it would include two weeks of paid leave in its existing verification policy.

Maretha Smit, CEO of Diversity Works New Zealand, said including paid leave is “a good example of comprehensive workplace practices.” It demonstrates a growing awareness and understanding of transsexuals that are essential in a diverse and inclusive workplace.

She said this type of policy emphasizes the importance of individual support for different groups within an employee, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. HR believes that we need to strive for equality rather than equality in order to actually attract and support a diverse workforce.

“Looking at the community of transgender and non-binary people, they have great talent. They have resilience, deep experience, and abundance skills that can be brought to the organization, but they are safe. I’m scared if I don’t feel supported by, “she told HRD.

“If you can actually secure the environment and allow them to bring in their true self and identify their gender, they can be a huge asset to your organization.”

Delve into Zurich’s new gender verification vacation

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