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Delays in New Zealand’s emission reduction plans are embarrassing – action is needed now | Adamcurry

LThis week the New Zealand Government announced 5 months delay Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – A major program for combating climate change. This is from the ground up. Climate change decisions by many organizations and institutions have been delayed since 2017.Wait first Zero carbon method, Then the Climate Change Commission’s advice, and now ERP, which will not be announced until the May budget.

The postponement even requires a shameful amendment to the Zero Carbon Act to avoid the December 2021 deadline for plans currently stipulated by law. Daily delays require a transition to low-carbon Aotearoa, making the ability to be fair to the affected communities increasingly difficult.

Two years ago, I was ashamed Be part of the New Zealand Government delegation to the last Climate Change Conference Cop25. People from all over the world came to us on a regular basis and asked what was so bad about our agricultural policy, even though the authorities were trying to talk to us as a leader in climate change. .. It’s only got worse since then.Climate action tracker Recently announced a disgusting evaluation It ranks us “very inadequate” in New Zealand’s climate policy, alongside well-known climate lags like Australia and Brazil.

New Zealand currently does not have some of the emission reduction plans declared in the very important Cop 26 in November (still – New Zealand). Did not attend last year’s Climate Change Leaders Summit There was no climate policy to announce).To announce Updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), Emission reduction targets we promise to other parts of the world.

Concerned, New Zealand last week decided not to provide any public consultation regarding the establishment of NDC. NS Report from Oxfam Given our historical responsibilities, New Zealand’s “fair share” NDC argued that by 2030 it would reduce the 1990 level by at least 99%. This is far from our 11% reduction pledge. Current NDC..

If the government wants to show its commitment Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern calls her generation the “non-nuclear moment”, This is the time to do it. Until the “Climate” budget and ERP are announced together in May next year, businesses, councils and government agencies need to do everything they can about climate during their response to Covid-19. You can’t keep waiting for ERP. The May announcement needs to be so bold and transformative that decision makers need to pre-select all the outcomes of the saying. It’s like making public active transport options more desirable and stopping the expansion of coal mines, highways and dairy farms.

in the end, new Zealand You have the opportunity to change everything into an emission reduction plan.

It could ban the import of fossil fuel vehicles that pollute our air and phosphate and synthetic nitrogen fertilizers that promote unsustainable dairy. Unprecedented billions of dollars to create clean living wage union jobs for everyone who wants to educate Tamariki (children), care for vulnerable people in society, build clean transportation infrastructure, etc. You may make an investment. Thousands of warm and dry state homes.

All fossil fuel workers may be promised a clean job or early retirement, and sticks and carrots may be implemented in our agricultural system to move to a regenerative agriculture system. It works with nature, not against it.. You can increase the benefits of the core so that everyone in Aotearoa is good enough to thrive.

Funds can be diverted from prisons and military warcraft, instead iwi and hapū (tribes) can adequately provide resources to lead and implement solutions. We know what they have.. Resource management law reforms shift from a system that regulates natural exploitation to a system that protects Te Taiao (environment) and respects New Zealand’s founding document, Te Titiity o Waitangi (Waitangi Treaty). May indicate.

Politicians have proved that they are not going to make those decisions unless the power of the people forces them to act-the bold leadership we need. The pressure is rising.Climate justice group from across Aotearoa Converges to Taranaki, New Zealand’s so-called energy center during Cop26.

The diverse communities throughout Aotearoa are doing little by little. Primitive forest protection, Building a community garden Creating a pop-up cycle lane.. The government needs to lift the game and provide the transformative emission reduction plans and budget 2022 that we urgently need.

Delays in New Zealand’s emission reduction plans are embarrassing – action is needed now | Adamcurry

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