Dating Games: British Find Love Through Games

Tired of swiping right to find true love? According to a new survey, more than one-third (37%) of British people prefer to meet their partners in video games rather than dating apps.

I found love in the place of the game

According to amazing data from Logitech G UK, 60% of amateur gamers who are looking for love admit that they have met an important partner. Play video games online..

Love and war are all fair, as two in five British are on the battlefield of games that test their compatibility with partners in arenas such as Call of Duty and Minecraft.

According to a survey of 1,000 game-loving British people who allow them to play games for at least 7 hours a week, 70% of couples play games together, couples play games together on a regular basis. We believe that three-quarters of couples are more likely to last longer.

Game = new crater

Dating expert and coach Haley Quinn believes that pandemics are the cause of this uptrend in which people jump into “dating games.”

Regarding Logitech G’s research, she said: First of all, this is a big problem, but it’s safer and cheaper than meeting a stranger in person.

“If you’ve basically successfully completed team building and dispute resolution tasks and had your first date by playing video games together, this is a good indicator in real life and a simple video call. It helps to establish a deeper connection. “

Behavioral tendencies

Interestingly, women are more likely to fall in love through games than men, and more than a quarter say it’s better to look for a partner through games than through games. Online datingNearly 80% of millennials believe that game romance is the key to longevity when looking for romance.

Behavioral changes occur after a year of lockdown forces many to find new ways to socialize and meet people. Many British people are trapped in their homes and unable to meet in person, so many are looking to video games to avoid loneliness.

A whopping 72% of respondents said they relied on the gaming community for social contacts during the Covid-19 pandemic, and 64% said the game made them less lonely during lockdowns and restrictions.

In fact, finding a community online is very important to some people, with British spending an average of four hours a day playing games more than before the pandemic.

Share a story

Logitech G UK offers national gifts to encourage long-distance game enthusiasts to share their stories on Twitter and take part in the opportunity to win special bundles from the New Gamers Color Collection. I am.

Craig Watson, a spokesman for Logitech G UK, commented:

“It’s great to hear that people are making special connections through mutual interest in games in a world where people first meet more often online.”

Logitech G UK offers a special couple bundle to British people who meet their lover in video games to help long-distance couples stay connected during lockdowns. This bundle consists of two pairs of Gamers Color Collection gaming headset, mouse and keyboard. To enter, please reply to Logitech G UK’s tweets from 09.06 to 14.06 with the story of your encounter with your partner. T and C apply.

Dating Games: British Find Love Through Games

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