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Daily Compliance Release | New Zealand Police

Police are reminding drivers that despite the pending shifts at alert levels, there are still requirements to cross Auckland’s boundaries.

Overall, most people have the correct documentation when they arrive at one of the set checkpoints.

These checkpoints have been set up to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, and police are demanding that drivers wait patiently to perform our checks when they arrive at these locations.

People may still be witnessing these checkpoints without a permitted reason to cross the border.

At around 2:40 am, the vehicle stopped at the Mercer checkpoint, which is scheduled to move south of Auckland.

The driver claimed to be traveling to the Waikato region via Auckland, but it turned out not after police spoke to him.

While at the checkpoint, another man was found hiding in his car boots.

Both men aged 25 and 26 were issued infringement notices.

Police are still aware of some drivers moving at excessive speeds at the border checkpoints that have been set up.

Police remind drivers that these checkpoints have temporary speed limits for the safety of all road users and staff operating these checkpoints.

Police can take coercive action, and infringement notices are issued to drivers who are found to be traveling beyond temporary limits.

This includes a case in which a man stopped at one of the northern checkpoints early on Monday morning.

He presented the appropriate documentation and was free to go, but then chose to accelerate aggressively and was detected driving over 90km / h off the checkpoint.

This may have been a benign journey for him, but instead he noticed that he had been issued several infringement notices.

Elsewhere, police arrested a man yesterday on Sunday, September 19, at the Pukekohe supermarket after being investigated for a timid assault on a customer.

The suspect was abusive and threatening to staff and customers after being asked to wear a mask in the store.

He then allegedly hit a 70-year-old male customer in the face, threatened staff, and left before police arrived.

The elderly were upset but did not need treatment, but other customers and staff were also upset by the aggressive behavior of the man. Police have contacted and assisted the victims involved after the incident.

A 20-year-old man was scheduled to appear in the Pukekohe District Court today after being charged with assault, threatening behavior, driving while disqualified, and failure to comply with health orders.

Checkpoint numbers:

As of 11:59 pm yesterday, a total of 196,193 vehicles have been parked at 10 checkpoints on the north-south border of Auckland since 11:59 pm on August 31st.

During this time, a total of 2,432 vehicles turned around.

Yesterday’s checkpoint processed 15,854 vehicles, but only 146 were turned around.

Yesterday, a total of 34 vehicles were turned at the northern checkpoint and 112 vehicles were turned at the southern checkpoint.

As of 11:59 pm on September 20, 2,800 large vehicles had stopped, of which 172 turned around trying to leave Tamaki Makaurau.

Forty-seven of those vehicles turned around yesterday.

Tāmaki Makaurau Compliance Update:

Since the enforcement of Alert Level 4, 87 people have been charged with a total of 91 crimes at Tamaki Makaurau as of 5 pm yesterday (September 20, 2021).

Of these, 74 do not obey orders (COVID-19), 14 do not obey directions / prohibitions / restrictions, one fails to stop (Covid 19 related), two are assault / intimidation / obstruction / execution Interfere with the government.

At the same time, 189 people were formally warned about various crimes.

To date, police have received a total of 9,989 105 online violation notices related to Tamaki Makaurau companies, mass rallies, or people.


Jared Williamson / New Zealand Police

Daily Compliance Release | New Zealand Police

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